What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Ralph Pantuso) #224


Double Bonus! - This musical selection came by using the “Discover” feature in Roon. (Not that I needed to “discover” Van, as he’s one of my all time favorites.)




Is that Coopers an East Coast thing? I wanted to add to my shopping list but can’t find it anywhere locally…:thinking:

And yes… Van is the Man.

(Ralph Pantuso) #227

Cooper’s Mark is made by Cooper’s Mark Whiskey Company, Princeton, MN 55371

So Waka I’ve noticed two things going on in this thread:

You and I have similar tastes in drinks - bourbons, whiskeys and scotches

And we have very similar tastes in music - jazz and rock music


Appears so Ralph :sunglasses: Great minds etc… :thinking:

Thank you for the Coopers info…



(Ralph Pantuso) #230

Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys - shouldn’t you be drinking rum and not bourbon? Aye!

(Ralph Pantuso) #231

This recording is available on Tidal - give it a listen.

But do we really another photo of a glass of bourbon?

(Daniel Beyer) #232

The Wax Museum, what a great little place to see a show. I wasn’t at that show, but I saw NRBQ a ton of times in and around DC.

(Ralph Pantuso) #233

The Q will be playing in Montclair, NJ on March 8th. i can’t wait! It will be about the 100th or so time that I’m seeing the Q.

(Ralph Pantuso) #234

No drink photo, just more bourbon :sunglasses:

(Ralph Pantuso) #235






(Ralph Pantuso) #238


By mixing regular Knob Creek with the overly sweet Knob Creek Maple one can dial in the perfect sweetness level. Works great with Al Green.

(Paul) #239

Sat in Tribuvan airport, flight delayed, no Roon but at least I have music and beer!

(Ralph Pantuso) #240


Because sometimes bourbon just isn’t enough :wink:




Sorry, I just read “Deep Shit” on your bottle… :flushed:


Hmm… I guess there must be a very good reason why you post no pictures of what you’re drinking (and how much) while typing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: