What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Daniel Beyer) #244

Angry Eyes followed by Dirty Work at the local pub.

(Ralph Pantuso) #245

Finally picked up a pair of Beyerdynamic T5ps and I absolutely love them. Since they are easy to drive they sound great with my iPhone and really make my Pro-ject Pre Box S2 digital sing!


@Ralph_Pantuso how do those T5ps compare sound signature-wise to the T1.2 (I think you own?)? I need a pair of closed-backs…

(Ralph Pantuso) #247

I will keep this short since it’s way off topic.

Okay so I did a little comparison between the T1 (1st generation) and the T5p (2nd generation). The levels were not matched since that is hard to do with headphones of vastly different impedance. I used Mingus’ “Cumbia & Jazz Fusion” (24bit/96kHz HDTracks version) as the test track.

The two headphones share the same sound signature and therefore sound very similar so the differences are really subtle. I would say the T5p have slightly more open sound even they are the closed back pair. The bass on the T1 is a little more pronounced but the T5p does not lack bass.

If you really the sound of the T1 and you would a closed back headphones with a very similar sound and fit and that are easy to drive than you can’t go wrong with the T5p. Top shelf headphones in every respect.

(Vincent Bourne) #248

In Montenegro you can get 2 litres of local Niksicko lager for 1.80 EUR… Mellowing out with a bit of Jonathan Wilson. A good way to start a Saturday evening


Cheers @Ralph_Pantuso, I appreciate your comments.


(Robert ) #251


ELO and some Trader Joe’s Cognac

(Mr Fix It ) #252



You need to post some music to go with it, can I suggest some? :wink:


(Ralph Pantuso) #254


Great music for sipping on some rye. Old Overholt - inexpensive and really good, the perfect combination!


nothing wrong with old overholt; it’s great stuff.

(Ralph Pantuso) #256

Absolutely correct! Nothing and just about everything right, especially the taste and the price!

(Ralph Pantuso) #257


New find from Total Wine. Goes great with classic R&B


(Paul) #259

That’s a really good measure of “Jim” :grinning:

(Ralph Pantuso) #260

Looks like a lot in that picture because you can’t clearly see the very large ice cube taking up plenty of space. The actual amount works out to about a double, so between 3 and 4 ounces.


old tom negroni.


Can you give us your favorite recipe?


sure, equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and campari. for this one i used Blue Coat Barreled (Old Tom) gin, and Antica Formula vermouth.

dash of orange and grapefruit bitters.