What happened to my Tagged Compositions?

I have used Tags since the start of Roon, to tag various objects including compositions.

Since 1.3 when I go to Browse Compositions, and focus on a tag, my tagged compositions are all indeed listed, but so is a whole lot of other stuff I never tagged.

How do I view a list of my Tagged Compositions, without loads of compositions I haven’t ever tagged?

I’m guessing these tags include compositions and something else, like Composers? Performers?

Since 1.3, all tag focusing includes “inheritance”, meaning if you tag 5 artists as Soul, you can now go to the album browser and see all their albums, or you can go to the track browser and see all their tracks.

1.3 also included the new Tag details page, where you can see the explicit items you’ve tagged.

Depending on whether my guess above about your situation is correct, I’m guessing this will be more flexible for you, but may require a little extra grooming to get what you want :grin: For example, if you tagged 5 compositions, you can now view all the albums they appear on, or all the Artists who have performed them.

The issue will be if you only want to see the compositions you’ve explicitly tagged, which would require the tag only include compositions.

This is what I feared.

I looked, and the first tag I found had 2000 compositions in it. I can’t imagine more than 30 of those are genuine. The rest are invented by Roon.

You seem to suggest that “grooming” is a way to find the 30 compositions I actually tagged. But I don’t think that’s reasonable nor practical (if it’s even possibility).

As far as I can see the data is essentially lost.

General point: I hope that much of the tag functionality and structure deprecated in 1.3 will be restored in a later version of Roon.

I suggested nothing of the sort!

I told you how to find those compositions, in 3 clicks no less! :wink:

If I click on the Tag on the Tag browser (having browsed to found it, as alpha-jump mysteriously doesn’t work), it shows me all tagged items. It usefully tells me for example that I have 4 Compositions tagged here.

But if I go to the blue “view all” top right, and select “view all compositions”…

…it shows me 1692 compositions, not 4.

@mike, what am I doing wrong? I would love to access my tagged compositions.

This has me a bit confused too.
How do you explicitly list only items you have tagged?

To answer my own question I think using the same tag on albums and artist is the issue. Just use different tags.

I can understand how this change is causing an issue here. The new implementation is a lot more flexible and powerful, but it does change how your existing tags work in some cases.

I have a number of tags that only include albums or only include artists, and for those tags nothing has changed – when I filter in the artist browser on a tag full of artists, I only get the artists I’ve tagged. However, the new implementation also gives me the ability to look at those artist’s albums, or tracks.

The big change here is if you have tags that contain two or more types of tagged items. To be clear on both @Ludwig and @Jumbuck’s questions, everything you’ve explicitly tagged is still visible on the new tag details screen, but the behavior of the browsers for “heterogeneous” tags has changed.

This will change things for the tags in @Ludwig’s screenshot, since he’s tagged a few different types of content. To get back to the “old” flow, you may need to edit a little :expressionless:

Within the tag, the items_are_ grouped by type, so you can just scroll to the compositions, select them, and tag them as Listen To Me Compositions, or whatever.

We believe the new implementation is a lot more powerful and flexible. Say you had a tag called “Best Electric Blues” and it contained:

  • a few Muddy Waters albums
  • a blues compilation
  • the artist Buddy Guy

It’s now possible to browse all the relevant “Best Electric Blues” albums (or tracks, or artists, or composers, etc), and you can also shuffle the whole tag. This is in addition to being able to see the explicitly tagged items on the tag’s detail page.

Hope that helps!

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It’s more powerful in that tags are inherited, yes. That is really though a different thing from tagging. When I tag something I thought I was saying, I want a precise marker on exactly this piece of data in my quite large library, because I want to be able to find it quickly and precisely. Wanting other stuff brought in is another, secondary function. It sounds like it might be quite cool as a kind of radio/swim sort of thing although I’m curious whether anyone asked for it, or uses it like that.

If we’ve used tags across item types (which was in itself a selling-point in Roon 1.0) you’ve made us have to re-edit all our tags to be able to view the data in any useful way: practically speaking a single tag can’t be used across item types any more (selling point gone), because it’s not possible to view the data precisely.

If it might be possible to switch it off, or have a way of viewing the tag data as before, so that I don’t have to re-edit all my tags in my 130000 track library, that would be dandy.

I’m a relatively heavy tag user, as you know, and the redesign of tagging generally has made my experience worse.

Yes, I agree with this. I would love both Precise Tagging and Smart Tagging. But having to choose between what is most useful to me; hand down, it would be Precise Tagging.

But why do we have to choose? Surely it can’t be too hard to have both?

That I can’t answer, only the devs can. Whenever, you contemplate an either/or choice, it also then begins to bring in UI questions, work flow questions, etc sometimes which involve more discussion and decisions than doing the actual coding.

The chaos caused by Roon “inventing” tagged items still infuriates me. Enough to start thinking about going back to Sooloos, and that’s saying something…