What is the processing speed indication? [Answered]

Interested to know is this the overall capability of the core to handle current tasks or just that stream?

I’m interested in this as well and how I can monitor it to know if I’m over-stressing my core processors.

Or for that matter can add some cores to the audio analyzer setup…

Are you referring to the processing speed as listed in the signal path when using DSP? This is an indication of how fast the core is processing the current stream. 1x means the core is processing in real time and 60x means that it’s processing 1 minute of audio every second.

It has little bearing on the overall load on the core other than the fact that the number will tend to be smaller the busier the core is. I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you are seeing very small numbers. In that case your core may need a processing boost.

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Search for “processing speed” on http://kb.roonlabs.com/DSP_Engine


The knowledge base is fantastic! I just learned a ton about the DSP engine, the processing indicator, and the use of Headroom (very important)!


From the DSP FAQ:

Note that Roon currently runs the DSP engine on one CPU core per zone–so this reflects the load relative to consuming a full core. “2.0x” means you’re using 50% of one CPU core to play music in this zone.

Currently, I"m playing a local copy of the Mac’s Rumors (24/96) and upsampling to 24/192. I’m getting 32.2x which means, if I am understanding the FAQ correctly, I’m using (100/32.2) = 3.1055 or 3.1% of one of my 8 cores to do the upsampling. Is this correct?

If so, then why not just finish the calculation and display “3% CPU Load” instead of 32.2x

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Correct! Roon currently runs the DSP engine on one CPU core per zone.

If it is an Intel CPU (e.g. 4 cores / 8 threads), it means of one of 8 threads…
For AMD it is directly core related… But that may be a bit too technical…

Would be interesting though to see how much percentage it is using of all cores/threads (the full cpu capabilities) for all zones together :slight_smile:

If you have a dual boot mac with windows

Would the processing speed differ between windpws and macos regarding you play the same track with same settings. Server running on macos and or windows

My processing speed in Roon is reading 1.5 - what % CPU usage does that equate to? Looking at the Resource Monitor in Windows 10, it has Roon.exe running at an “average CPU” usage of 8.7%. This is lower than the 1.5 processing speed might suggest, if I am not mistaken? Or is the 8.7% applying to the whole CPU, with the Roon applying to just 1 core and hence a higher percentage on that core?

My CPU is an Intel Core i7 4770T.

Hi Extracampine!

Task Manager in Win 10 by default displays the average for all the “cores”. If you select CPU usage in Task Manager, right click on the graph, and select “Change Graph to” and then select “logical processors” it will display the usage by core. So, try that and see… 1.5 should be (100/1.5) = 66.6% of one core.

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That’s because that link was posted a while back, when Roon Labs were using the old Knowledge Base system. Since the web pages were refreshed, all the KB articles have now been migrated to the new Help Portal. The old system may be down temporarily, so the redirection isn’t working.

The new link is:

DSP Engine (roonlabs.com)


Thanks Geoff :+1:

So processing speed 2.8 means I’m using about 1/3 of one core while using headroom, 10 Band EQ and upsampling to DSD512?

That seems ridiculous low. And all that on a M1 MacBook Air?

Well it was a bit more complicated but as a general rule… that was when everything ran Intel or AMD. Not sure if you can make the same “one core” comment with the M1 architecture.

Again me with another newbie question (just joined the gang)

I have the Roon Server running on a Synology NAS, and I am getting "Processing Speed"s between 19x and 21x

This processing is being done on the NAS or on the PC connected to the server/core?

Update: Noticed that when processing time is 100x or above, the label dissapears :thinking:

It’s done on the Roon Core - so on your NAS.

Nice! thanks Geoff for your time :v:t2: