What to replace Squeezebox Touch with?

I’ve been a Squeezebox Touch user for close to 10 years now and have no spares. I’m looking to replace it but I’m not sure with what. Preferably, I’d like to stay below $500 and would like something that has a display.

Any ideas?

I have one in mint condition that I don’t use.
Complete and in the box with everything it came with. Just couldn’t be arsed to put it up for sale on eBay. U.k. based.

I replaced mine with a Bluesound Node2.

I was thinking of doing the same but it has no display. :disappointed:

rPi with a Touchscreen. DIY but just following simple instructions and use of a screwdriver. Lot’s of how-to’s on the web. For example,

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This looks interesting. Can it do MQA and does it need an external DAC?

you can use a DAC hat of some sort on the rPi (so can be equivalent to the TOUCH, with built in DAC). Or it can feed an external DAC. The Roipeee stuff for Roon endpoints uses an rPi as well. Lot’s on the web about this. I haven’t built one with a screen, as don’t need, but I have an rPi3B+ running Roipeee for Roon and have a few rPi4B running as LMS servers.

Ok, I don’t have an external DAC, so I’m looking for a one-box solution with everything built-in. What about MQA?

I’m not aware of any rPi DAC hats that do MQA final unfold, but I don’t really follow this. I don’t use TIDAL or MQA. My example was just one example. Lot’s of stuff available on use of rasberry pi units on the web.

edit: search this forum for MQA and rPi on this forum. An example:

Ok, thanks very much for all your responses. Much appreciated.

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If you want MQA you could use the RPi with touchscreen plus an AudioQuest Dragonfly … all within your budget. @Jim_F uses this combination and could share a photo?

Is having an integrated display a must have? I personally find a Pi2AES (or just plain old Ropieee via USB) to a DAC, or an Rpi with a DAC hat plus the Apple TV remote developed by a user on these forums as a way better solution, supplemented by my phone/iPad.

I used to love Squeezeboxen, but this might be a good time to try branching out… lots of folks here who I’m sure would be happy to help.

I used to have this in my work office pre-covid. It’s similar to the Archimago setup except that it has a Pi2AES to provide non-USB digital connections. Since the pandemic, I brought it home and use it as a Roon streamer with Ropieee.

I replaced mine with a Raspberry Pi 4 and I have not had a single regret. I didn’t build mine with a display, but that is an option. I installed RoPieee as my Pi OS, and the sound is absolutely fantastic feeding my DAC. I have not had a single issue.

It is unbelievable to me that after a decade, there’s still no comparable replacement for the Touch at its price point. Blows my mind.

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I would also recommend a Raspberry Pi4 with RoPieee-Software on it.
I switched from a SqueezeBox Touch to a RPi4 as a player and a RPi3 as a display (both with the free RoPieee) and it is a more than perfect replacement for the Touch. More information https://community.roonlabs.com/c/audio-products/ropieee/56
(BTW: the SqueezeBox Touch is available for sale)

It might be available but I’d like to upgrade to newer technology as well. Touch can’t do MQA, for example.

For MQA you will need a certified DAC hardware in addition - and these are a bit pricey. There is no solution in software.

And that’s fine but the lack of any product in the sub-$500 category that has a display and can do MQA is truly mind boggling to me.

I think you’ll find that a Raspberry Pi is actually much cheaper than the Touch. Though adding the display will bring the prices much closer.