What we are listening to [2018]

(Chris ) #7672

Sadly the MQA version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone is listed as unavailable

(simon arnold) #7673

Been too long since I listened to this lot. Just ordered their debut on CD to replace my vinyl which is a little worn out and one of my favourite albums.

(Mikael Ollars) #7674

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #7675

(simon arnold) #7676

I guess Im in this kind of mood today. Another one omy all time favourite artists. the majestic Mazzy Star, perfect combo of Hope Sandavol’s dusky vocals and Dave Robacks guitar. Always gives me tingles.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #7677

(Dick Vliek) #7678

thx for this, really great!

(simon arnold) #7679

Have you listened to any of their other albums? They are all great with the first two being the best, cant weigh up which of those I prefer the most. Also her work with the Warm Inventions is worth investigating. She has such a beautiful and distinct style.

(Dick Vliek) #7680

Busy with it! In fact I just bought them all :grinning:

(simon arnold) #7681

Good work. Glad to have past on the love.

(simon arnold) #7682

and now on to Dean and his other gang

(Dick Vliek) #7683

And Mazzy made me go to this forgotten gem in my library, don;t ask me why

(Ian) #7684

Riverside “Rapid Eye Movement”

(simon arnold) #7685

Couldn’t be more dissimilar. Love where music takes you on a journey.

(Dick Vliek) #7686

My brain is a mess…

(simon arnold) #7687

Well ive gone here, feeling 17 again (although not when it was released, discoverd this a few years after that. Not that old yet) :slight_smile:


One of the greatest performances to ever go down at Glastonbury is heading to your living room: Yes, David Bowie’s legendary, epic, and timeless 2000 headlining set is finally making its way on to every preferable format you could ever want.




(Daniel Lundh) #7690

The Ministry cover of this song is great too.

(Martin Webster) #7691