What you want for the next Roon update 1.5?

  1. MQA decoding(confirmed) but wish there’s a option to up-sample with custom impulse filters to the maximum sampling rate of a external DAC.

  2. Improve the internet radio(long overdue!) with searchable radio stations.

  3. More options on up-sampling digital filters

  1. Individual album covers/titles for box sets.
  2. Integrated PDF display in Roon.
  3. An improved Internet Radio experience.

I would be nice to see several current features to be improved first before adding any new ones, to see all of the interface/workflow inconsistancies to be improved and a more efficient use of screen real estate

As for new functions. It would be nice to see other data sources besides Rovi to be integrated, Radio with Tidal content, a more interesting “what’s going on in your library” with news feeds on album releases, concert dates, recommendations etc.

In other words, I would like to see interface/workflow improvements and a bigger focus on content so Roon can live up to it’s promise in the future.


Whats your perception of “Roon’s promise”? (No trolling, seriously curious)
And also, how do you define “workflow”? Are you referring to adding content and manicuring its metadata and connections within your library?

As for me, i’m very pleased with Roon in it’s current state. No further needs, thank you!
Okay then, hard pressed i’d like this:

  • An improvement in the disc/track reorganizing dialogue which is barely useable.
  • An offline mode for mobile units with the option to cache content and access it when on the road. (While keeping the goal of being able to access your library on the go)
  • Some UI improvement such as cleaning up the path display in “Other versions”-dialogue
  • Vertical scrolling on the Album view and similar
  • Portrait mode view on iPad (other than 12.9" Pro iPads)
  • Option to route any audio into Roons Source selection/DSP/RAAT infrastructure, such as turntable or computer applications audio etc.
  • Oh, MQA unfolding will be nice to tinker with but i see that as almost given.
  • Perhaps the option of accessing other on-line sources such as Spotify within the Roonisphere, whether with or without library integration. (To me both Tidal and Spotify is merely a “sampler solution”. Music i like, i buy on physical media or as downloads)
  1. A complete mobile solution.

I would very much would like to see individual tracks have their own embedded album art displayed instead of the 1 album art for the entire album. At least have the ability to edit individual tracks album art.



So you are expecting DSPing to be disabled if Roon is unfolding? I expect upsampling to work and be available the same as it does now. I assumed you want upsampling with the MQA source specified filters. As I understand it, the MQA source has the filter specifics embedded in the encrypted extra information.

? do you mean vertical scrolling? If so, this is on the roadmap apparently, but no timing available, i.e. it may or may not be in 1.5

Edit: or do you mean true horizontal scrolling, rather than the paging scrolling as it is now?

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I feel there’s a high possibility that up-sampling DSP may be disabled due to licensing agreements. I may right or wrong here. Based on some hardware that implement MQA like Lumin streamer, the built-in up-sampling features are disabled when playing back MQA. I’m not sure about Audiravna software as I don’t have a MAC to test it out. If it doesn’t allow up-sampling then may be the same thing will happen to Roon. If that’s the case, Roon may implement MQA specific impulse filter for up-sampling. That’s my speculation.

My main one is

Improved classical album / composer selection and navigation

Eg on composer view

first show albums as opposed to compositions
a show of applicable genre such that a genre selected filters the displayed albums


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Sorry Geoff, meant vertical scrolling! Have edited my previous post.

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Hi mikael,

The first point you mentioned is one of the things I mean with improving the interface/workflow. The disc/track organizer is real.pain to use. First the tracks of an album don’t fit the window, even on a 1900*1200 screen. Moving the tracks is a pain. To move one track from position 10 to 1 means you have to move 11 tracks. That sort of things amongst many.

My perception of Roon’s promise is to provide metadata and to have “the best” interface on the market. That’s what they promise in the brochure. What I mean by living up to their promise in the future is that competition is heading the same way pretty fast. Rovi data is available anywhere at the moment. Tidal provides it, apple does as well as Deezer. Other I don’t know because I don’t use them. So for me this is the most important part. MQA, DSP all that things are nice but of second order. You want room correction and the possibility to direct any sound source through Roon, just buy a Dirac dsp and your done, it even keeps working if Roon ceased to excist. Let Roon foremost focus on metadata and “the best interface in the market” and then on the rest. I don’t mean to sound negative, I just hope Roon finisches some parts of the program first before stepping into yet another feature.


(edit… Kudos to Roon for the major improvements seen with 1.4 - It’s rejuvenated my interest in the product considerably and am really pleased that the dev now seems more UI related :slight_smile: )

Smaller wishlist items:

  • I’d love to see proper scrolling rather than pagination. It does my head in trying to assimilate the fresh pages :slight_smile:
    And on tablets it’s horrendously frustrating, will it won’t it scroll? “Yes! No, wait it’s sprung back to the last page, damn!”
    Not too bother whether vertical or not, got used to horizontal now.

  • Seeing the star rating on album view would be lovely.

  • Being able to Focus on half star measures - there seems little point in giving the option to enter and display half stars if you can’t then filter accordingly?

  • Being able to zoom in on album art and rotate it

  • To be able to view according to folder structure; that’ll never happen I know, but I wish.

  • To be able to Focus down on folders by more than one level.

  • To be able to edit reviews and bios and paste or write whatever we like in them to be saved locally.

Major things:

  • A standalone mobile system to give the Roon Experience on the go with local SD card files and Tidal option.

  • A PC or MAC based portable installation so we can migrate Roon and local database from location to location along with a music hard-drive or stack of drives.


+1 on this. It’s an exercise of extreme frustration. It reminds me of those puzzles where you have to shuffle 9 tiles round a grid one position at a time to put them all in the right place :slight_smile:


I have quite a few albums and artists that are either unidentified or have no description at all. I would love to see the ability to use album metadata comments displayed and/or the ability to add descriptive info per artist and album. I’ve been toying with doing so via personally created PDFs for albums, but I’d much rather see the info either inline or more readily accessible than is a PDF.

Another one of these threads…yet I always feel compelled to chip in. Currently:

  1. Better box set handling/ability to add another layer of “grouping” to Roon - so that, for example, I can group all my CDs of a particular series together, tidying up the experience when browsing via album. Or, so that I can have an overall cover for a box set, and individual covers and details for the CDs within that box set. Also naming for individual CDs, rather than just Disc1, Disc2, etc.

  2. Better album art handling - with the ability to move & edit the album art in Roon, and ideally with the ability to label the items (e.g. front cover, rear cover, media, booklet, etc) and have some way of Roon displaying what is available on the album page. Ability to order the pages of a booklet for example.

  3. Better album organisation on the artist page, with the ability to group albums by albums, singles & EPs, collections/anthologies, bootlegs, mix albums, etc.

  4. Ability to edit the album reviews, and to add extra reviews from sources of my choice! The artist page would have the main review as dafault, though would have an icon indicating that other reviews are present.

  5. Ability to browse by record label in the same way that you can browse by artist or album.

Similar thread to this one which currently has 501 replies:


Increased ability to port-in pre-existing organizational efforts for our libraries. For example, some ability to use customized and non-standard file embedded metadata to port that into Roon tags and other Roon metadata. Many of us had our collections very well organized before Roon, and while Roon does many things sooooo much better than Foobar, JRiver, etc., those programs could leverage that information very well.

The Roon team has in the past said they want to automate this and stop users from the need for manual collection grooming. But I think that is a pipe dream to some degree given the vast volume of different user preferences, listening habits, and the huge universe of music out there. Please let us bring these efforts into Roon.

This also helps us hedge our bet in case – gasp – Roon ceases to exist, Tidal de-integrates, Roon is acquired by an evil empire, or something else happens to pull Roon out from under us. Being able to embed our organization efforts into file metadata and folder organization means we don’t have all our eggs in the Roon basket but we can still fully take advantage of it.

+1 for (much) better internet radio


I don’t even dare to ask that anymore because of the fear of getting crusified but yeah, a big +1 for me. Still wished for right up untill the day when Roon has become perfect and it becomes obsolete. But untill then…


Yes, option to view by folder without affecting existing viewing approaches.

Pinch zoomable album art

Internet radio library and general improvments in presentation/favoriting.