What's your favorite Roon Remote device..and why?

Absolutely portrait…on an Android phone what else :joy:

However…when I’m forced to use the iPad mini( like when I’ve abused the phone down to 1% charge) then I use it in landscape.

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I’m happy to know we can still be friends.

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For all of the people here, myself included, who use an iPad as their primary remote do any of you dedicate that iPad to only function as a Roon Remote and, if so, do you put it into kiosk mode locked to the Roon app so that it functions as a dedicated appliance? I would ask the same question of Android tablet users but I’m not sure if Android has a feature similar to iOS kiosk mode whereby whenever the device is active it will always launch into a specified app so you never see the home screen or anything else other than the app interface.

My main remote, a 12.9" iPad, is also my web browsing device when on my sofa so I don’t use kiosk mode but I have experimented with putting one of my older and mostly unused iPads into kiosk mode to create a dedicated Roon Remote device but it ended up being too much clutter around my sofa so, although having the feel of a dedicated appliance was nice, it just didn’t work out for me.

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I have a couple of Lenovo Tab M10 G3’s and one of then is a kiosk for media only with Roon & Tidal. Uninstalled everything that I possibly could, no screen timeout (though futile on Android since it goes dark anyway at some point), USB always plugged and set a Roon background and screen saver. This sits on my desk and portable when I want to use headphones.

There are also some Windows touchscreens which are pretty cool full screen mode.

I use a 27inch Hannspree tv monitor its like a proper juke box :ok_hand:

On my iPad, it’s landscape all the time unless I have no choice. :grin::+1:

I use my iPad for just about everything. I thought about using an old iPad or iPhone as a dedicated remote, but that would just add more equipment to my setup without any real benefit to me.

Amazon Prime Sale tomorrow and so Fire Tablets should be on deep sale.

Try them in landscape.

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Do they make a Fire phone :grin:

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They use that for training now. It’s not training you want to be assigned :wink:

I like the size and convenience of phones (I use an iPhone myself) but I have noticed that lyrics are not available on phones but they are on iPads (I use an iPad Air, 3rd generation). It depends upon what you want to be able to do.

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Funnily, Roon ARC on my iPhone supports lyrics.

All I use a Remote for is to select an album and hit play.
Then maybe I might read the bio, search for similar artists etc.
Phone is really all I need for easy listening.

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I turn off lyrics. I just want to listen to the music and occasionally read about the album or artist.

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Macbook desktop, because it is the main computer I use downstairs. Upstairs it will be an iPad Air as that lives in the bedroom. Anywhere else in the house or garden it will be my Android phone purely for convenience but I really dislike the cut down phone version of Roon. It is adequate for what I use it for which is just to stop playback or transfer audio from one room to another.



iPad Air 2 probably about 70% of the time, PC maybe 25% of the time (mostly when I’m working at home) and iPhone the remaining 5%.

Good call, thinking about it this might be my most used remote


I posted last week saying that my favourite was any remote that worked. So it appears that someone else has been experiencing the same issue I have since Roon 2.0 as outlined in this thread:

Has anyone else had experience with this happening?

As I have explained I’m just using the workaround of manually turning off VPN, connecting remote and then turning VPN back on, but if anyone has a more permanent fix, I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance.

What is the point of upsampling everything you listen to to DSD 512? Curious!