When does Roon consider a file dirty?


In my Roonserver logs i can find many entries on so called dirty files, seemingly only when analyzing mp3’s.
What is a dirty file , when does Roon consider a file to be dirty?

This is happening during background analyzing files on my NAS, both server and files. Ive tried the same set of MP3’s before, directly connected to the Macbook air server was running on, and though it also took some time, everything went quite smooth. right now analyzing goes with 2500 per day…

Reason to start looking for logs in the first place as you can imagine :wink:


Hey Marius! If you’re having a problem with file analysis, we’d be happy to look into it for you, but we’d need to know the basics of your setup before making a call about whether things are running slower than expected.

Our team is happy to take a look, and our logs are designed to ensure our technical staff can understand the behavior of the system, and any issues that arise. They’re not really meant to be easily comprehensible, so while you’re free to poke around they’re not something we’ve designed to be widely read or documented publicly.

The trace you were wondering about in the logs refers to a technique for deferring work until it’s needed. If you’re interested, you can find some more information here.