When i attempt to open Roon i get a message that the Nucleus Server cannot be found

I am having a similar issue I installed an eero pro wifi router. My Nucleus connects to an xfinity internet modem via ethernet My music is stored on a Blue Sound Vault 2. When i attempt to open Roon i get a message that the Nucleus Server cannot be found. No other tabs such as settings appears. I am still having issues connecting to the Vault as well. I can stream music from Tidal over two different Blue Sound Node 2’s but cannot access about 1600 CD’s stored in Apple Lossless in the Vault I assume that I should be able to access the Vault with the Blue Sound app. I usually access Tidal via Roon Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Steve_Williams,

Just to clarify here, the Nucleus is still connected to the XFinity modem/router but the rest of your network has been switched over to the Eero?

If this is the case, it sounds like you have to separate subnets set up (network segments). I suggest that you plug in the Nucleus to your Eero router instead (or add an umnanaged switch if there are not enough ports available).

You should also turn the WiFi off on the XFinity combo unit and ensure that just the Eero is handling the DHCP routing (basically this means putting the Xfinity into what is called Bridge Mode).

Thanks Noris. I moved both my BlueSound and Nucleus from the XFINITY to the eero. That has mostly resolved issues with BlueSound that I am still working with their customer support team to resolve. Because the eero only has two Ethernet ports and one has to be used for internet, I only have one port for both the BlueSound and Nucleus. Eero support site says that a spitter can be used to connect multiple devices, but when I used a Y cable to plug in both the Blue Sound and the Nucleus it crashed my Blue Sound which I am working to resolve. Using the splitter I still get a ,message that the Nucleus cannot be found but not seatings or other options. There is a new password for the new eero network so it is not surprising that it can’t be located but I cannot find a way to connect the Nucleus. Thanks again for your help.

Hi @Steve_Williams,

Please don’t use a Y splitter for your Nucleus + Bluesound, unmanaged switches are very cheap nowadays and a much better way to connect multiple Ethernet outputs.

Thanks again Noris. The eero pro system consists of three identical WiFi routers in a mesh network. Each has two Ethernet ports. I assume that I could connect the Nucleus to one of the two eero units with unused ports and that as long as the Nucleus is connected via Ethernet somewhere on the WiFi system things should work fine. I will give that a try although it is not ideal since the Nucleus could no longer reside out of sight in a cabinet. I would be interested in recommended brands of unmanaged switches as well.

Yes, that should also work if all the nodes are part of the same network (subnet).

The thread I linked above goes through a few suggestions, personally I use a TP-Link 24 Unmanaged Port switch and haven’t had any issues. Still though, I’d get the switch from a place with easy returns (like Amazon), so if there are any issues you can swap it out.