When trying to return to full screen from minimized Roon UI disappears

I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 with Audiophile Optimizer on a custom built Paul Pang media server.

I am getting the message that Roon needs full screen mode. I changed the font size and that seems to have worked but it sucks to have to see the text on my Panasonic TV monitor across the room. I hope some kind of real fix is coming for that issue.

But the big issue is that when I have Roon minimized and then try to restore the full screen size, the Roon UI disappears. It then is just a full screen with a white rectangle on top right corner and the rest of the screen is black. I actually have to ctl al dl to get the task manager up to close Roon. The computer becomes stuck in full screen with nothing but black and white blank areas. The music will continue to play though. I have to close Roon app and restart it to get back to a usable computer.


Hi Christopher,

There are a number of Roon users (including myself) who are using Server 2012 R2 with AO. If any of them can assist then they will. Also if the devs know of something that might be the problem then they will help if they can.

There was discussion about UI scaling in this thread

Ultimately, however, Server 2012 R2 is not a supported OS and the devs simply aren’t in a position to track down and troubleshoot in the same way as they do with the supported OS’s.

The only thing I can think of is that this could be driver related. What sort of driver are you using for the Panasonic ?

Intel HD Graphics 4600 is my graphic card. I am not clear on the question. The 55" five year old Panasonic plasma is connected to the computer hdmi.

I did see that 2012 R2 isn’t supported. I will continue to look around.

I have been enjoying 2012 R2 with AO, JRiver and HQP. Sound wise it is all working awesome!! Roon is really nice sounding as well. If I can get the display issue sorted it is digital bliss.

This blank screen sounds more like the well known Intel 4xxx series Graphics Card problem discussed in several threads on here.

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Sounds like the issue Paul.

I am not an IT guy at all but I am not so sure how to go about adding another graphics card. My first concern would be power requirements and how this would affect Sound Quality. Just scanning online for power requirements for upgraded graphics card are showing from 300 to 800 watts!! I don’t know but that sounds like a lot. My Paul Pang unit, that was actually rebuilt by Leon Motta is designed for audio SQ. My server has a Pang built 120w LPSU. Here is a link to the LPSU. http://ppaproduct.blogspot.tw/2014/03/120w-linear-psu.html

I am not sure but it seems like a lot to change and deal with just to prevent this issue. Maybe not minimizing IS the work around.

I eventually plan on getting a Aurender W20 so this issue will no longer be an issue if I am using an Ipad to control the W20.

It’s disappointing that no cure for this has been forthcoming. In the end I changed my computer for a better specification and discrete graphics card anyway, though still a pretty standard laptop. However if you run RoonServer instead of Roon and use iPad control, the problem is pretty much avoided.

I’ve found that just switching the full-size window down (click the “Restore Down” icon in the Windows Title bar) and then clicking the “Maximise” icon will repaint the blank window. No need to close and restart Roon.

At least, that works with my graphics hardware… It might do the same for you.

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It never worked for me unfortunately, though that was with a 4000 graphics card