Where has Discography Gone?

I have just migrated my Roon Core from WIndows 10 to a NUC on ROCK. All went according to plan and I restored a backup to get all my Tags, Playlist, Bookmarks etc. Just a unidentified Albums but no sweat . Everything looks fine (BUT) and plays fine. So far so good

However now when I go to an Artist , the Discography Tab is missing , I have I missed a setting somewhere .

I have checked o the Windows GUI and iOS versions both show the same issue.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks Jim :heart_eyes_cat:

I know that’s what it should look like , I suspect there is a setting but I can’t find it !!

In most cases both Discography and Compositions are missing !!


It only appears when you are logged into Tidal !!

I obviously hadn’t logged in after the restore and reboot

You learn something new every day

Bit limiting if you only have local library , but I suppose Discography implies ALL a artists records according to Tidal


Indeed, both Compositions (on an Artist page) and Discography rely on the integration with a streaming service. They are not driven by the local library content or displayed unless you are using a streaming service.

The Compositions browser is different - that is driven by the content of your library alone (whether local or including items from streaming services).

Yes, Overview is the page intended to be about your library, Discography is not about your library but the artist’s total releases, obviously as released on a streaming service…

Thanks , the migration went without a hitch, the only problem was copying the Backup folder.

Eventually I restored the old core and backed up just one backup , it worked fine then

NUC up and running , thanks for all the tips :sunglasses:

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