Where in the world have you taken ARC? Let us know here!

Birmingham, England. I know, I know! But anyone from around here knows that only a few miles up the road we have the Black Country where they speak a totally different language and even support their own football (soccer) teams. We try to keep them out, but unless they are wearing the gold of the Wanderers or what ever it is Albion are wearing these days, they can be hard to spot and detain! :joy::joy:


Well I’m in Birmingham too (Great Barr to be exact) Henry and enjoying Arc in our great City. I have to be careful what I say about them up the road though as my missus is from the Black Country and she also happens to be an Albion fan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Christchurch, New Zealand.
Spent the day out in rural mid Canterbury close to the Southern Alps, worked fin apart from the cellular black holes - there’s a lot of those in NZ when you get out of the main centres…

Nowhere! My router does not allow ARC port forwarding, or ARC …Listening to my regular Roon endpoint @home :wink:

Well at the moment, it’s just to-ing and fro-ing from work & home in the Van in UK Lancashire CarPlay it’s actually nice going to work now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But when (if) I get time off next year it will be here by the pool with my B&W speakers at Castelleone di Suasa Italy as we just got WiFi fitted by the pool, So I cannot wait to have all my music with me!


In my van in Lincolnshire


I’ve had ARC around the park while I walk Oscar the dog. Just 10 minutes from home here in Hartlepool, UK. And a couple of trips in the car.

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Thanks for sharing @BrianK :slight_smile: Live Radio is on our roadmap.


it’s not particularly remote, but it was a long way- on a drive from the Philly area to Quebec City, and back again. it performed beautifully the entire trip.


On a plane from Atlanta to LA.
First the good: I LOVE Roon Arc! I travel for work a lot and for many years, in order to listen to my FLAC collection on the go, I would drag a few albums to my iPhone using the horrendous iTunes app, load them as Foobar 2000 documents, then use Foobar on the phone while in the air. Arc came just on time for a 10 day trip and I downloaded a bunch of albums, just clicking inside the familiar and beloved Roon interface. SQ of Arc is also, happy to report, better than Foobar’s. More punchy and dynamic, even via the less than perfect iPhone 12 Pro bluetooth connection.

The not so great: while Arc played downloaded albums great while I was completely off-line and in Airplane mode, when I connected to Delta WiFi with internet day pass, Arc went online and tried to connect back to my Roon core. It couldn’t, I assume due to poor GoGoAir connection, but it also would no longer play my downloaded albums. It would be great if there is some logic implemented (or manual override available), allowing us to use the downloaded albums while in Airplane Mode - or upon user selection - probably useful for poor connection scenarios.


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Around Pittsburgh in the car over USB. Then in the airport. Couldn’t connect on the flight as BA’s WiFi wasn’t working. Car ride to Wales was dominated by the Queen’s funeral coverage on the radio. Tried it here in the Welsh mountains…Worked fine there as well.

Harris Lake, Ontario Canada - returned from a trip to Berlin, updated everything (which was done in about 10/15 mins) drove up to our place by the lake and ARC working great so far.


I have taken ARC in my car all the time since it released. :slight_smile: hopefully, it will be available for car play and android auto soon.

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Seoul, Korea. I’m enjoying hilary’s violin on the way home from work.


Sifnos, Greece. It’s been working flawlessly.


The amount of time I’ve nearly ended up in the ditches at the fens (past Queen Adelaide) by the farmers… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is really great stuff, just drove through Bonn listening to the music on my hard drive at home! It works perfectly, only opening the port ion my router took me some time, congrats room team !


Rarely check here or post anymore, but the Roon 2 mailout made me check.

My roon setup has barely changed in the past few years.

That said it’s still going strong and just wanted to say hats off to the team for delivering this. It was much discussed early on but I gave up hope (and found other solutions). No doubt it was a huge undertaking and it’s great to see.

Wish I could say I was listening on the beach as I work abroad n the Caribbean, but sadly won’t get to test for a while until I get home.

I have far less time to enjoy music nowadays anyway! But look forward to checking it out.

If there are any old faces here, hope all’s well and life is good. :grin:


Well that was unexpected! Are you in Vathi? :slight_smile:

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