Where is 1.7 for iOS? [Update will be available soon]

Thanks for confirming Apple have the update, let’s hope they don’t take to long to make it available on the App Store.

What about android?

Cannot run Roon Core 1.7 since cannot find Roon Remote 1.7 for either iPhone or iPad in the App Store. Are these updates being deployed also?


downloaded Roon 1.7. Total disaster. Nothing works. I keep getting message that my ipad needs to be updated. Did that. Nothing. Same error message. Can’t get Roon remote to work. as of 11/20/19 8 pm Eastern.

I am getting a Roon window on my iPad stating that one or more devices require an update, showing the core at 1.7 but my iOS remote at 1.6. So cannot log into the menu on the iPad.

Hi @Nick_Simanteris/ @Martin_Wax /@Wdw,

Please see Dylan’s post above:

iOS build should be available soon. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Available now! Yippie!

Roon remote app just released,I’m in Canada

Available now USA 9:04 PM ET

Just updated the Roon Remote on iOS now.
Great stuffs, many thanks to Roon Labs.

Hasn’t hit SoCal yet. Will continue checking. Sure it will be soon

Updated on iOS, all working again now, mac too

Me too but no update yet…

What is most current iOS remote rev? Can’t login. Says I need an update but no update available for Roon app. Core and desktop versions are up to date.

My iOS rev is 1.6.438

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

The most recent version is build 500 (ver 1.7.00500). Apple approves the App updates on a per region basis so it may take a bit of time to appear on your end.

The Roon software asked me to update my devices. When I did this my iOS devices no longer work and won’t update. The ROCK version is 1.7 build 500. I keep getting a screen to go to app store to update but I think it is up to date. The remote version on my notebook updated and is working properly. I use my iOS devices 99.9% of the time so this is a bummer. Any suggestions?

Hi @Kris_Adams,

Please see my post above. Apple approves app updates on a per-region basis, you should be seeing it in your region shortly.

**Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)**Antipodes CX/Linux/1.7 Build500

Windows 10 and iPhone 8 running Roon remote
Roon properly updated on core and remote on Windows 10 but is not updating the iPhone.

It either sends me to the App Store, shows me the update but it then goes back to the iPhone screen where it’s caught in a loop sending me back to the App Store. I press “Open” for the update and it sends me back to my iPhone again. Now the screen shows Windows 10 on my iPhone.
I’ve rebooted my laptop, iPhone and core but Roon doesn’t recognize the iPhone as an iPhone.
When I select “Configure Roon OS devices on your network” it gets hung up searching for devices indefinately.
The closest I can get is the “Software Update Needed” on the iPhone.
It shows the Remote Core as Antipodes CX
and “This Phone” 1.6(build 438) Check for an update AppStore.
Again, I go to the App Store, sign in, select Open for the App and it sends me back to “Software Update Needed” on the iPhone.
I can’t access Roon remote at all on the iPhone.

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