Which Roon control app is best?

I have been using my Android phone as a control app for Roon and would like to buy a tablet for the larger screen size. Are there any differences? If anyone has tried them all (Ipad, Windows10 and Android, Linux?) please give me your opinion. Thanks.

I’ve only used an iPad Mini 4 and it works perfectly. It also seems to work well on an old Nexus 7 2013 I have, but I only tried it for a few minutes. I normally use my Dell laptop.

Personally, if I was in the market for a new tablet to run Roon, I would get an iPad Pro 12.9 inch.

The new iPad Air works very well. Blazing fast and 500 or more Bucks cheaper than the pro.

Thank you for the suggestions. What I am asking for here is whether or not different platforms have better or more features than others. For instance, does one have a scroll bar on the side, or can you minimize album art, etc.

No, as Roon unfortunatly uses a „one-size-fits-all“ programming platform, there are no iPad spefific features like pinch-and-zoom, long-press for context menus etc etc. that you may be looking for. You also cant freely zoom into album art

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The iPad Pro 12.9 will do portrait mode if that’s important to you.

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On a Microsoft Surface tablet, you can install the full-blown Windows desktop app, but maybe overkill if all you want is a controller!

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Fire hd8 is the cheapest option and does the same as the more expensive tablets, apart from iPad pro.


I have a Nuc/Rock for the media server. For remotes I use my windows 7 desktop, windows 10 laptop, dedicated Ipad Pro 12.9 mounted on a stand, and my Note 9 android phone. My least favorite is the Note 9 because of the smaller screen size and the differences in the UI related to the screen size.

I thought the IPAD Pro 12.9 would be my most used remote but it seems I’m old and just don’t favor touch screens all that much. I still use my laptop and desktop depending on where I happen to be at the time and I prefer sitting at my desk with a mouse if I’m doing a lot of searches.

I have to say if i could only have one remote it would be the IPAD Pro 12.9. It is the only tablet style I’ve used so I can’t offer any comparison to others.

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Yes. For android, using it on a tablet provides the full desktop-like functionality v. the limited functionality running the same app on an android phone. I use it on a Samsung Tab S5e and a more affordable Samsung Tab A 8.

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I know this will be controversial, but I noticed a definite SQ improvement in Roon in my system, when I recently changed from an early iPad Air to a 12.9” iPad Pro as the Roon remote. It was completely unexpected and I don’t understand it, but it is real.
Cue the usual cynical response, but all I can do is ask those of you who have a 12.9” iPad to compare it with another of your devices running Roon remote. Start a track on one of them, then stop it and start it on another.

@ged_hickman1 - what’s the difference between the Fire and the iPad Pro? I thought all tablets had the same functionality, and it was only the smartphones that had reduced functions?

If you’re saying that the only difference is that the iPad Pro will do portrait, then Windows tablets will do this as well…

I meant portrait.
I don’t count windows in there as they aren’t tablets they are PCs in a different format, IMHO.

I use an iPad Pro and android phone also a Samsung tablet for Roon Control… Guess what? in my system using Bluesound Pulse or Meridian DSP SEs there is no discernible difference in the sound.
For me, they just work.

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Weell - I would agree that Microsoft didn’t have the guts to go down the tablet route after Windows 8 and backtracked with Windows 10, but still, I use my Surface Go 2 mainly as a tablet, and only occasionally as a laptop…

I agree. My control device is telling my Nucleus to use the embedded Roon program to send music from the internal SSD drive or Tidal/Qobuz to my Oppo 203 via my router. It doesn’t matter which device I use to do this, it’s all the same.

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Controversial? Not at all because what you suggest is utterly impossible and not real. The Roon Remote is not in the signal path so it cannot make any difference at all.


So what? That doesnt give me pinch-and-zoom either.

I was working at Microsoft at the time :slight_smile:.

Well, to be fair, the wifi traffic could be causing a disturbance in the force. Especially if the core doesn’t have a proper power supply and an ethernet reclocking/cleanup device.