Which Roon Ready box with an integrated amplifier?


Which good Roon Ready boxes with an integrated amplifier would you advise me to look into?

I only know of two:

I need it both to listen to music and to watch movies. So, this is the topology I’m looking for:

NAS > ethernet > RoonCore (MacMini or other) > ethernet > All-in-one-box > speaker cables > Speakers+sub
NAS > ethernet > Video player (Kodi@MacMini?) > USB > All-in-one-box > speaker cables > Speakers+sub

Which other ones are there worth exploring?
Any reasons to choose one instead of the other?

My context:

I currently own a multi-component system (NAS, MacMini, DAC, preamp, 2x power amps, 2x speakers + sub + a lot of cables to connect them). The system is excellent but, due to some health restrictions (complicated problems in my ear), I no longer enjoy sitting down and listen to music with audiophile attention.

Since all these components are too expensive for what they’re being used today (watching Game Of Thrones) and not practical to use and to keep clean, I was considering keeping the MacMini and the speakers and replace the DAC and the amps with a Roon Ready box with integrated amplifier.

But, before I do this, I want to make sure it is indeed a good approach and that everything will work smoothly. Also, although I do want to downgrade, I don’t want to replace something with a superb sound with something sounding bad.

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The Naim Uniti boxes have just been made Roon ready. Albeit check the situation re USB input, I’m not sure what their USB capabilities are (the website wasn’t too helpful I have to say). If not then you could always use a USB - SPDIF converter cable.


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I have the Polaris and like it very much!

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I’ve adjusted the title and the original message… “all-in-one”, as originally stated, would imply it could function as a Roon Core as well.

The appropriate thing you are looking for is a network endpoint that is Roon Ready, and has a DAC + amplifier.

roonready.com is a site made by a community member here, and lists many that fit the bill.


I contacted the company which used to carry Auralic in Portugal and they don’t sell them anymore. That’s one I’ll definitely investigate.

I was also told Hegel has some good options. Current models are not Roon Ready but the upcoming models will be.


Hi Danny, thanks for making the title more clear. And thank you for the site which is quite helpful. Lots of models there!

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There’s Lumin M1, it supports Ethernet (Roon Ready or OpenHome or AirPlay) input and RCA input. It’s 2-channel only, not multi-channel.

If you’re going from a “too expensive” system to a much less costly solution, I’m afraid you will experience a degradation in sound quality.

Ideally, in a multi-channel AV setup that shares the front speakers with 2-channel music playback, you’ll need a video player with HDMI output to AV receiver with pre-out, a Roon Ready player that outputs to a stereo pre-amp with HT bypass, and a stereo power amp to drive the front speakers.

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I second Lumin products. Excellent devices.

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The new Naim uniti range will be roon ready soon, so another to add to the list.

What about this:
Video player (Kodi@MacMini?) >HDMI>TV>TOSLINK>>NAD T777 V3/NAD T758 V3 (if you need multichannel)
RoonCore (MacMini or other) > Wi-Fi > see above

PS I enjoy Sony Android TV without need any MacMini etc. for video playback (Kodi included)

Video player (Kodi@MacMini?) >HDMI>NAD T777 V3/NAD T758 V3 >>HDMI ARC>>TV

In fact i use this approach