Why is Devialet not Roon Ready and what are the consequences?


I currently own a multi-component system (NAS, MacMini, DAC, preamp, 2x power amps, 2x speakers + sub + a lot of cables to connect them). The system is excellent but, due to some health restrictions (complicated problems in my ear), I no longer enjoy sitting down and listen to music with audiophile attention.

Since all these components are too expensive for what they’re being used today (watching Game Of Thrones) and not practical to use and to keep clean, I was considering keeping the MacMini and the speakers and replace the DAC and the amps with something like Devialet Expert (or something similar but I don’t know of any other).

But, before I do this, I want to make sure it is indeed a good approach and that everything will work smoothly.

I understand Roon recently became compatible with Devialet AIR. But Devialet still isn’t Roon Ready and is not even listed in the partners list.

What does it mean for Devialet not to be listed as partner?
What are the limitations of Devialet not being Roon Ready?
Is Devialet going to be Roon Ready and listed as partner any soon?
And if so, will it be a simple firmware upgrade?

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Not sure, but I can testify to the fact that the roon Devialet Air integration works flawlessly.


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I can certainly echo the point that @Bernard_Languillier makes. Roon Devialet Air Integration also works flawlessly with my Devialet setup. I am running ROCK on an Intel NUC6i5SYH, with my Music Library stored on 2Tb onboard HDD, via a D-Link 8 port unmanaged Ethernet switch direct to my Devialet, and it sounds, to my ears, great: :grinning:.

Not too sure what the new Devialet OS Board will bring to the party (hopefully full RAAT), but knowing Devialet it will either screw it up entirely, or be absolutely fantastic :neutral_face:. I am, of course hoping for full RAAT and the latter scenario :joy:.

Even with 24/192 ? no white noise at all after more than one hour in a flesh without any interruption/interventions ?

I have not done any explicit test of stability, but I have not noticed any issues. I listen to my music regardless of its bit depth so I am not sure what % I listened to was 24/192, probably a low percentage.

I have noticed crackles and dropouts with Roon - Devialet AIR integration, especially when listening 24/192. No white noise.

Maybe it is OS related. I have Roon Server on Linux streaming to Devialet without any problems, crackles or white noise.

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I’m glad to hear that it works for you. Perhaps I’ll need to try Linux too :slight_smile:

The fellows at Devialet support were anyway saying that they are not planning to fix or investigate this crackle issue any further and they recommended using Airplay instead of the Devialet AIR integration.

I am hoping for more from the new Devialet OS Board, as part of a quote from Devialet Support “And for those of you who use and love the “Roon + Expert Pro” integration, as I do, it will keep on working, only better. We have more up our sleeves, stay tuned!

Devialet - Core Infinity Log - October 17th

Now what do they mean by “only better.”, hopefully this could mean a Roon Endpoint :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I really hope that it means Roon RAAT :slight_smile:


By White noise, I mean “Crackle”.

With a LINUX base streamer board, all is possible now…no excuse to not implemented it correctly… but now, the question is “when”.

Sure, the whole streamer board has been a “when?” kinda thing for a long time now. I for one am in no hurry anymore, now that Roon has the Devialet AIR integration :slight_smile:

Of course I’ll be happy when Roon Ready happens, but with Roon Devialet is now the device I always wanted it to be.

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I made the switch from separate high-end components and a pile of interconnects and power cords to Devialet nearly 2 years ago and have absolutely no regrets. Sound quality is best I’ve heard in my system and it just doesn’t get any easier to use. Of course Roon helps greatly with that.

I’m using Roon’s latest version of AIR integration with no problems but the last one from Devialet also worked fine for me (on Win 10). I do hope Devialet ultimately adopts Roon RAAT with the new Core Infinity board and OS, but even if things stay as they are, I’m good with the current integration. The one real loss is the inability to sync with other Roon RAAT endpoints.

@Danny - not to put you in an awkward spot (again ;-), but any light you can shed on this?

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It’s good to know that the current AIR integration is working good enough for most people. But I’m curious about one thing:

What will Roon Ready allow that is still not possible today?

I would love to have the ability to group (sync) my Devialet with other end points in my home. The current Roon AIR (or Devialet AIR) integration only allows that if the other end points are also Devialet. If Devialet adopted Roon RAAT, then I could group playback with other end points in my home. At present, I do own a Sonore microRendu (which does employ Roon RAAT) so I switch playback to that attached to my Devialet USB when I want to group (sync) playback with other rooms that have Roon RAAT end points.

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Ah! I get it now. Thanks.

My guess is that Roon RAAT would also be a more stable platform given the occasional crackle some users have reported.

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If you’re asking about light on the topic of Roon Ready + schedule in Devialet products… we’ve spoken to them about this and they are open to it. As for the drive to get it done and schedule for delivering it, I have nothing to share because I do not (and can not) speak for their company.

So to say, it’s not a matter of technical integration rather than just deciding to do it from Devialet if I understand your message correctly?