White screen with multiple monitor issue

I have just encountered this problem. I run a Windows 10 PC, with two monitors utilising Nvidia software and graphics cards. I genuinely thought Roon was broken until I found this thread. All I was getting was a “Roon (Not Responding)” message and a white screen. In my case I reverted to single screen, rebooted, tried Roon and it works perfectly, all good. I switched back to two screens, and Roon still works as it should, and can be moved between the two screens. So problem fixed for now but I am baffled as to what invoked it.

I am not sure what triggered the issue, but if it happens again I will take note and report back.

OK - I had the same issue this morning. With a bit of experimenting I find the issue is easily repeatable.

If I start Roon on screen 1, use Roon, then shut down Roon on screen 1, there are no issues.

If I start Roon on screen 1, move Roon to screen 2, shut down Roon when on screen 2, then restart Roon, Roon tries to start on screen 1 (showing just the Roon box with quote of the day), Roon places the main white Roon (Not responding) display on screen 2, Roon stalls.

Turn off screen 2 using the Nvidia control panel, Roon will then start on screen 1.

So, as a workaround, all I need to do is make sure Roon is running on screen 1 if I want to shut down Roon. Shut down Roon when it is running on screen 2, Roon will not re-start. (even with a re-boot)

Hello @Brian69, thanks for your report! I’d like to gather some information from you so I can prepare a report for the QA team. I have some questions and would appreciate your help!

  1. Details about your core (is the Windows 10 PC your core?)
  2. A screenshot of the issue
  3. Screenshot of System info>Components>Display and System info>system summary from the affected machine.
  4. Next time this issue occurs, can you please provide a timestamp (in your local time) on this thread? I’d like to enable diagnostics for your device so I can present that as part of my report.

Also, thanks for the reproduction steps, that’s very helpful to know!

  1. My Roon core is a Windows 10 PC. Intel 9900k. The graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070.
  2. When I load Roon, screen 1 briefly shows the black box with “thought of the day” , screen 2 hangs as follows:

I have just tried this to generate the above screen shot, I am not quite sure exactly what you mean by a timestamp, but it was 8.55pm in the UK when I tried this.

3 As follows:

4 See above

Or maybe this gives the timestamp?

Or maybe this:

Hello @Brian69, the first timestamp works! And thanks for the data and the screenshot of the logs! I’m adding this data to my report now and will report back with our progress or more questions!

Hi @nuwriy. Are there any updates on this one? I had assumed that this would be a relatively easy fix.
Mindful that the issue has not been fixed over many weeks, I suspect this assumption was wrong!

It is not a major problem because I can work around the issue, but I was just curious if anything is in progress.

Hello @Brian69, and thanks for checking in! Our support team has collected reports similar to this and passed it along to our QA team for investigation. I can’t offer any timelines on the fix just yet but we’re actively investigating the issue.

This fixed my white screen problem! Thank you!


I got the same issue… wish it can be fix soon…

Same issue here. Excessively annoying. If I’m honest it’s quite the deal breaker as I always keep my audio playing software on the 2nd monitor.

Seems to primarily happen if you have it in windowed mode on the 2nd monitor. Fullscreen on 2nd monitor appeared to work.

Once it’s broken the only fix appears to be to uninstall everything Roon and reinstall. Is there a .ini file or something somewhere that specifies window position which I can delete and have regenerated on startup? Such a pain to re-setup everything each time it happens.

Ok, I found a temp fix for the white-screen of death

If you goto:
there’s a file there called:

just delete it and Roon will reset to your primary monitor on the next launch. The file will be regenerated on launch.

You can open the file in notepad. I assume the 4 coordinates are X, Y, horizontalwindowsize, verticalwindowsize.

I’m going to make myself a .bat file that just automatically deletes that file before launching Roon.


Want to chime in saying I am also encountering this issue. 2 monitors, and if I drag ROON to the second monitor, close it, and try to relaunch, then it hangs as a white screen. (Windows PC, Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU).

Do the ROON devs have any sort of fix in the pipeline for this? This is not a cheap piece of software, and I would expect some sort of fix by now.

I have used Roon on 2 screens from the start 4 years ago, I drag it around screen to screen with no ill effects.

I have had 2 PCs in that time both with Intel integrated graphics

I would start by checking drivers for your video card etc after the Windows update last week

The only odd thing I do , maybe differently, is reboot the entire system , core, network end points the lot every day. (We get major electrical storms in JHB)

facing the same problem
3 screens, if i move the roon window it keeps crashing/freezes after a restart
reinstall fix the problem but that cant be the solution!
please help!!

any news?
deleting saved_window:pos doesnt work for me
im tired of reinstalling the programm over and over when it happens

I think the problem is related only to machines with Nvidia graphics cards.

Actually, I have the same issue which started after I added a third monitor to my system. The third monitor is 4k HDR. This may be the problem since I had no issues with only two monitors of lower resolution. Also, I have AMD Radeon.