Why do some 192khz files play and some do not?

Roon Core Machine

Yoga 32kb laptop

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon 1gb

Connected Audio Devices

Node 2i Ethernet, laptop ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Some 192khz files play, some do not-even after reboot of everything

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Local, Qobuz, Tidal?

If not local, then examples?

What xxx wrote, plus: when they don’t play, what happens? Silence? Dropouts? Does the progress slider move as if it was playing or is the track simply skipped?

Qobuz-frank Zappa, shut up and play your guitar album, song-beat it with your fist
Static around midpoint, then skips to next song, say Qobuz loading slowly

Jeff Buckley, lilac wine plays no problem

My thought on this is that some 192khz files are just not loaded in to Roon properly or are damaged in some way. But then what do I know. Dont think it’s my set up tho because some play fine

Also, did I post in correct place? Replies have not been from support group

Correct place but there are more experienced users than support staff. Going to try your examples :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Ok thanks for your help

No problem with the Zappa tune. You say Jeff Buckley plays OK.

Any other examples?

I’ll find some, do you know what it could be then?

Works for me just fine until the end

Not sure what the issue is in your case. Is it always the same track in the same place for you, reproducibly? If so the track may be corrupted in the copy on the server that serves you. I am in Germany. Does it work in the Qobuz app for you?

If the track with the issue is not always the same, could be your Qobuz servers are slower than mine, or the path from the Qobuz servers to you through the internet has inconsistent performance (even though your uplink may be consistently fast). Or, lastly, something in your network after all that’s intermittent, but probably unlikely as you have ethernet to core and endpoint.

Or something else I can’t think of

No. A network problem? That’s usually the case.

Everything always works fine thru Qobuz app

Ok thanks, all work fine thru Qobuz app. My thought are these are damaged files, annoying tho

Also, how do u get a screen shot on here? I can get more examples but don’t know how to get screen shot on here

Would this being a live album have anything to do with it?

Yeah, if for you it’s always the same track in the same place in the track, it hints at file corruption. On the other hand, if the files on the Qobuz server were damaged, they would also be damaged when played through the Qobuz app - unless, of course, if there are different servers from which Qobuz streams via Roon than in their app. That’s opaque to us, so we can only guess. Understandably annoying.

I guess someone from support will have to take a look at this, but at least we saved them some work narrowing it down :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine how, bits are bits

Ok, was just thinking how one track flows to next on live albums, different from studio albums. I do appreciate your input, thanks