Why do you guys have Audirvana and Roon?

Why do you guys have Audirvana and Roon?
Just wondering…

I’ve had Audirvana for years since version 1 long before Roon existed and have always kept my upgrade purchase when needed.


It just happened so.

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I have DMG Equilibrium, would love if someone could introduce me into it. I don’t use it at all.

When I was just starting out computer audio I had run through a couple of computer audio player software and on of them was JRiver Media Center, I had made this decision knowing that Roon existed.

Why did I end up with both ?

Simple, Roon was just too expensive when I was just starting out and JRiver Media Center was decently priced (around $60 I believe) and eventually when my usage (and budget) grew, I found Roon appealing enough to buy their software.

It might not be the case for others who own 2 or more audio player software but that was certainly what happened to me.

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been using Audirvana long before Roon existed

still have it (v3.5.x) installed on the Mac mini I recently replaced with a Cirrus7 running ROCK
maybe someday I’ll reconfigure the Mac mini as server (it’s sitting in a cupboard, at the moment) and leave Audirvana intsalled for… no idea why :stuck_out_tongue:

oh… with v2.x it became a love and hate relationship (for the way Damien decided to handle some tags)
much more than with Roon (just 'cause in the end I surrendered :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have thousands of SACD-ISOs, which are not compatible with Roon. So I need Audirvana to listen to these files. This is the only reason why I have both.

I have had Audirvana for years before Roon came around, and when I upgraded my DAC to the Linn Kimax DSM, I decided to go streaming all the way, got rid of all the physical connections via USB and TOSLINK, only via Ethernet cable, only using Audirvana in UPnP mode, and then discovered the fatal Audivana incompatibility with the Linn device, only Roon or the Linn Kazoo work in the networked mode.

Now with Roon’s stagnant development and many complaints from many usrers in terms of communication and support, I bring back my MM and connect Linn Klimax to the MM using optical and running Audirvana again.

Its not stagnant. See the release dates, 10 month or so delays between point releases occurred with 30% of all Roon point releases (2 of the 6). In fact, only in 2017 was there 2 point releases in 1 calendar year. So, if Roon actually releases another point version in 2019 it will be one of the most productive release years.

OK, I still like Roon and have hope on Roon’s future and want Roon to be successful. However, it is a disappointment, to say the least, regarding the way Roon deal with the MacOS Catalina issue(s).

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I have hundreds of ripped SACD’s and play them all with Roon after processing the ISO’s with this free software.



Why not? It’s a hobby. Duplication is not a bad thing. I also have direct access via MPD (Bryston BDP-1) and DLNA via JRMC.

I anchored Roon at Nucleus +. Audirvana steaming on my lap top, following me where ever I go.

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I still use jriver for cd ripping, tagging, playlists, and mobile sync.

I still have occasional problems with clicks when using Roon wirh Dirac Live (via Audio Hijack), whereas Audirvana plays flawlessly.

please don’t misunderstand, but Audirvana sounds simply better directly from the computer via my DAC into my system. Roon only has the better interface, including the lyrics and the versions across my LIB, Qobuz and Tidal, and it’s great when there are connection problems. But both Roon and Audrivana have bugs. For one thing, both don’t represent all the new albums on Qobuz. In the Qobuz app you have to click 2x on all displays to get the complete overview. In Roon and Audrivana only the partial list is displayed after clicking 1x. And neither Roon nor Audrivan can do Tidal My Mixes - and they are far better than Roon radios.

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Audirvana had superior sound when I was running Roon from my MacBook Pro, and I was reluctant to make the switch to Roon. Once I installed Roon on a dedicated server (a SonicTransporter) – which was a risk – the sonic prize went to Roon by a country mile. Of course it’s expensive and a pain to have to go to such lengths, but I’m glad I did.

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I had Audirvana years before Roon. Once I switched to Roon, I really liked the UI and the lack of quirky behavior. Doing A/B listening comparisons, I gave an edge to Roon.

But since Audirvana 3.5 update, Audirvana sounds better. Yes both are a completely lossless path with exclusive and integer mode form y USB DAC (Mytek Brooklyn+). Yet they sound subtly different. As an engineer, I can’t explain why. But as I’ve learned, your ears are a better instrument than anything in any lab. And my listening room is my happy place with a wonderful setup that exposes every detail of my music. I suspect that it has something to do with Audirvana turning off “noisy” background processes on my mac mini. Or slightly different usages of exclusive and integer mode (aka noise affecting jitter or bit errors).

BTW, a GREAT feature to add to Roon players would be the ability to turn off noisy background processes.

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Ill answer for JRiver instead, customizing views wins hands down over both Roon and Audirvana, Win 10

I installed Audirvana only to find it clashes with JRiver, only one DLNA server at a time, Roon plays nicely with JRiver.

I keep both running JRiver mainly for video and big classical sets

In the few weeks I have had Audirvana I haven’t managed to play a note, Damien is helpful for sure but hasn’t really helped with my problem, sad to say a waste of money.:cry:

ROCK is fully optimised, might be worth checking out.

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