Why does roon take the route via streaming if the album is saved locally?

The Qobuz integration is great. Chapeau!

Now I’ve found that when listening to the radio or searching, an album is played back via Qobuz, even though it is stored locally in higher resolution. Can we give priority to the better resolution or the local file?

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We do actually have these rules in place (prefer higher quality content wherever it might be). However, as per my response to a similar question elsewhere, this relies on a notion of track equivalence:

Hope this helps you understand what is going on.

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@joel, those rules may actually work against me, and worsen my experience. Let me explain.

My internet connection is not the greatest in the world; it’s fine for streaming CD quality, but Qobuz Hi-Res streaming is often a nightmare.

As a result, I have made sure that for all my Qobuz favourite albums, I have used the CD quality version, if available, rather than a Hi-Res version.

Now if the rules say to go for the Hi-Res versions in Roon Radio choices, in place of the version that I have explicitly chosen for my library, then my listening experience is going to be badly affected.

There are a few people asking for this choice/throttle in similar situations.

Here’s what I’m seeing on the network:

CD quality:

Hi-Res on a good day:

Hi-Res most days:

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