Why has my "applying library settings" thread been closed?

I’ve been having some IT issues at home & it’s taken me a while to get myself back into a position where I can respond to the ongoing thread regarding the issue in the heading above.

My last reply was about 10 days ago but it would seem that, because the “applying” thread has been merged with a different thread (on the related subject of Roon taking forever to analyse tracks), the last reply of which was in December, this seems to have triggered the closure of the original thread.

Can it be reopened as there is more to discuss? It would be a real pain to start a new thread & have to keep referring back to the old one.

Hi @Snowdog,

I found this topic, I can confirm that it was auto closed by discourse on the 10th of February, and it does look like a glitch in the system.

It was spotted, Roon support are aware and the topic was reopened on the same day by Roon staff.

Is this the topic you mention, you should be able to see that it’s not locked?
Can you double check and confirm please that it is open.

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Ah! Yes, thanks. It is open.

Was it open the whole time & I’m a complete dufus or did that just happen? :rofl:

Anyway. Thanks. As you were. :slight_smile:

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Yes (give or take a few minutes).

You said it! :joy:

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At least Carl was polite enough to let that one pass without comment! :rofl:


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