Why "Roon Ready" or "Roon Tested"?

Relatively new Roon user here…

I’m using a Nucleus as my streamer with an Anthem AVM 60 Preamp, Focal Arche, Audio Quest Dragonfly Cobalt all of which are detected by Roon as audio devices, all seem to work perfectly to me, but none of which are “Roon Ready” or “Roon Tested”. Additionally I’m using a bunch of Apple HomePods for background music.

If everything works fine am I missing out without??? Is that certification simply confirmation that it’s approved by Roon? Just curious.

I didn’t see this question answered elsewhere, apologies of this is well known by most…


Roon is a server, which may also have streamer-like functionality.


Roon Tested means Roon has had the equipment in house and verified it all works as expected with Roon. Just because something has not been tested does not mean it will not work perfectly well.

Roon Ready is for DACs that have an Ethernet port [that support the RAAT protocol using Roon’s SDK]. In this case, the DAC has Roon Endpoint code embedded and Roon has verified that the manufacturer as implemented Roon’s Code without bugs. See here for more info.


Thats exactly what I needed… key point is the network connectivity of the endpoint versus the HDMI, USB connectivity of my devices. Thanks Rugby!

Ethernet is recommended by Roon for SQ reasons. I have not detected a difference with my Oppo 203 ethernet vs HDMI.

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Good to know. I am very happy sound quality of the USB connection to my Focal Arche and the HDMI connection to my Anthem AVM60, but I know future versions of this preamp (AVM 70 & AVM 90) are planned to be Roon Ready #futureupgrades :slight_smile:

Not sure about these explanations.

I thought that Roon Ready meant a device that runs RAAT firmware, provided by Roon, with implementation certified by Roon.

Roon Tested means tested compatibility with other protocols, such as Airplay or Chromecast, or a DAC that plays music from roon when connected to a “ready” or “tested” endpoint?

“Roon Partner Program | Interested in Becoming a Partner?”

Hi @SKBubba,
You are correct but I’m struggling to see any material difference in what you wrote against previous replies (note there were also links to Roon site with further explanation).

What specifically seems amiss? If I’ve missed it I can adjust.

I have my choice of either using a “Roon Tested” DAC over USB connected direct to the core, or a “Roon Ready” Streamer. Both devices have been smiled upon by Roon Labs in this way.

I understand the material differences between the two designations, but my question is: Is one better?

Not from a sound quality perspective necessarily, but is “Roon Ready” somehow more robust? I know there are many who are convinced on principle that USB is inferior to Ethernet.

I know this is an old thread and I regret the bump, but I figured it was better than starting a new thread.

I run from USB off my ROCK NUC in my main rig. My headphone set up runs off an RPi networked connection.

In spite of what some would have you believe, there’s no hard and fast rule. Whatever works for you, without giving into FOMO.


I like it

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