Wi-Fi problem with Windows app

We have a strange phenomenon when we start the Roon app on a laptop (W10), the Wi-Fi signal drops out so that it cannot find the core.

However, if we connect the laptop wired to the router (of the provider), everything works flawlessly, when we do it wirelessly again, the Wi-Fi drops out.

The strange thing is that when everything is restarted and we go to a website, google, facebook or whatever the Wi-Fi continues working, as soon as we start the Roon app, the Wi-Fi fails.

Very annoying, through a computer repair service we have come to know that the router appears to work at 25% of its capacity. Could this be the reason, maybe because the Roon app demands a lot from a Wi-Fi signal?

The first thing I would do in this situation would be to check if they are not interferences with other WiFi networks in the area, channel overlaps, etc. For example, use the “WiFi Analyzer” software or similar.
However, using Roon Core with WiFi is not recommended…

This is highly likely and the router should be replaced by your ISP if faulty. However, you haven’t explained how your setup hangs together, i.e. what devices and services you use.

Therefore, it would be really helpful if you could describe your setup in more detail. Please see the following post.

Your post should include:

  • Details on your Core machine (OS, Hardware specs, Roon build)
  • Details on your Remote(s) (OS, Hardware specs, Roon build)
  • Networking details (especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything notable about how it’s all configured)
  • Audio devices in use
  • Library details (where your music is stored, whether you’re using a streaming service, how many tracks are in your library)

Including these details in your first post helps the community and/ or Roon staff resolve your issues faster.

wireless is only for the roon app (remote) the roon core is wired

I know my friend, but the problem is not at my place (home) it’s a problem that a friend has at his place

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