WiFi Router Recommendations?

(Mr Fix It ) #83

I find that RPi wifi is pretty mediocre at best and trying to get better than 44.1/16 over it is often unreliable.


Agreed…with a decent dongle though it’s fine - in fact I’ve reliably streamed 384Khz that way (though I wouldn’t generally bother with an RPi endpoint).


Just in case anyone else comes across this, the firmware appears fine. A systematic restart of all my network devices (modem, router, switches, APs, devices) appears to have resolved the issue…haven’t had a drop out for at least a week.

Again, just in case anyone else comes across this, I can also reliably produce intermittent dropouts by moving the baby monitor too close to the RPi (both operate on frequencies in the 2.4GHz band). Makes me wonder if this issue affects others who may be unaware. Simply resolved…move it further away or switch to 5GHz.