WiFi Router Recommendations?

My Router has been acting up lately. Looking to replace it. My Roon Core and NAS are both hardwired. But my control devices and Bluesound speakers are wireless. Any recommendations?


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I have good experience with the Netgear Nighthawk. Mine is an 8000 but I’m sure new models are out there.

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The latest BT router has an amazing WiFi reliability and range…

Tplink Archer c3150 bought ‘used’ (read brand new) from amazon warehouse. Has been fantastic.

After having numerous issues with an Apple AirPort Extreme & Express ecosystem I moved to an eero WiFi mesh system. It’s invisible and just works.

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Same experience for me. My Apple Airport Exteme started to get unreliable and ultimately failed. Eero mesh networking has been great. Hardwiring my Roon server network connection has been impractical, but I have arranged my Eeros such that my Allo and Raspberry Pi nodes (one a headphone station, the other connected to my main entertainment system’s receiver) are hardwired to nearby Eero satellites. Has worked well.


I would go with Eero. Eero. Eero.


Mesh wifi…I use eero.


Definitely the mesh systems for multiple wireless access points.

If you want to go non-mesh (just a single access point) I’d go with the Roon recommendations like ASUS RT-AC88U:

I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve seen many users report in various threads that the Eero Mesh works very well for them and no adverse reports that I can remember.

I use an Asus RT-AC68u which is fine for my limited needs.

You should also change your SSID to “ThisLanIsMyLan” which is the funniest one in my apartment building.


I second the RT-AC68U.
I run 3 sonore microrendus, one Sonic Transporter, apple tv, etc…

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Thanks everyone. I’m actually thinking now of going with a used Pakedge router and a couple of their access points. A bit more expensive, but super reliable is my understanding. Plus, I think it’s the recommended gear for Control4, which I am using to control my media system.

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I recently got two of these Access Points: https://www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-lr/
While they are pretty expensive they are very easy to set-up and they cover my whole house and garden. I just hooked them up to my existing router nothing else need to be set up.

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I beg to differ , I wouldn’t trust ASUS again.

I had the RT AC87U Router and matching Media Bridge (EA-AC87) the idea being a wireless connection between the router and bridge then Ethernet from there on.

Having got through 3 of each without getting a pair that would communicate and none of the three routers gave a stable Wi Fi signal I threw my toys and Asus refunded me

I bought them on the recommendation of the data company installing my fibre connection, they were baffled at my issues but there local techie couldn’t get them to work either, I was beginning to wonder if it were me.

I went back to my cheap and cheerful TPLink TD-W8970 and put a cable in so no more dependence on Wi fI.

The only WiFi now is the control points , an a lot less stress


I actually ended up ordering a Ubiquiti USG router, 2 Access posits, and switch for just around $400. Scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Hoping this resolves the issues I have been having with my Asus WiFi router.


I have a house full of Ubiquiti gear…it’s a tough area to cover due to lots of concrete and mesh embedded glass doors. And a lot of devices on the network. I also have it installed at several clients and no issues.


You won’t be disappointed! I still have to upgrade my own router to get full network control with the controller.

I have the ASUS RT AC88U, it was my first ASUS product.
It’s been running 24/7 since November 16 and has been rock solid, between hardwired and wi-fi connections it has had up to 16 devices connected at once and has never had a single issue. I do use 3rd party firmware, I don’t know if this helps.

Wi-Fi has never dropped out and I live in an old 1915 double brick house, when I work in my shed I set up a Zeppelin Air to listen to music and it has never dropped the connection. My shed is 10 metres from the house.

I’ve got an RT-AC66R that’s been unreliable for quite some time. It’s been an okay router, but not stellar. I hope this new plan with Ubiquiti is an improvement.

Have you compared the the stock fw to the 3rd party fw?
What is it called and the difficulty level of installing and maintaining? Free?