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Today i use a pc(wifi connection) with roon and the brooklyn dac, connecting the dac to my amp. I’m told that a dedicated streamer will better the sound.
I have to use a network streamer with wifi!!
I have looked at the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra as an intresting choice.
In what ways can I connect Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra to the roon server? What is the best way?

I have been considering the same but if I may ask what’s your issue today? You feel you’re not getting the best quality? Or the wireless drops and glitches during playing?

No problem with wireless, but could i use a wireless connection between the streamer and the pc or should i use the bypass

Isn’t Raspberry cheaper solution?
Isn’t it the same in fact…

Maybe, but how will the setup be then, and where do i buy this

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Why is pro-ject stream box ultra s2 so expensive (700euro for an R-PI)?

John Westlake explains additional works on this streamer in above link. Currently I use iPad with Roon Remote as WiFi bridge to drive Pre Box S2 Digital and I am also waiting for more reviews about this streamer, it is expensive compared to the DAC.

Hello Lonek,
I asked myself the same question and found a solid answer here: https://youtu.be/7CX-pZRhbtI

Mr. Beekhuyzen is for me a reliable source when it comes to optimising your digital audio setup. I have tested the Stream Box and other recommended products and was able to confirm his findings.

I hope this helps everyone.

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