Wiim Pro using Chromecast via ethernet

As we wait for Roon Ready startus for the Wiim Pro (I’m trying to stay optimistic) I’m wondering if anyone out there has had success using the Wiim with roon via Chromecast. The location I’d like to use it has ethernet but spotty wifi. Is it possible to connect to a chrome cast device via ethernet?

My Nvidia shield(s) are Ethernet connected and show up fine on Roon. You need to use the Google home app to activate them normally but I have used multiple devices with no issues.
Some device’s (AV devices in my experience) only support 24/48 output though, but I expect (hope) the Wiim Pro will do 24/96

Hi Michael,
Got it working, and yes, the Wiim Pro will play 24/96 with chromecast! It took me a while to get it all working but it’s working flawlessly now. Gapless also.

The key is that you need wifi to set it up with the Wiim app and you need to be on the same network that you will end up on. Once that’s done, you connect your ethernet, then the app will allow you to turn off wifi. Then the Google Home app will find the device on the network via ethernet and allow you to add to the chromecast network. Then it’s simply a matter of enabling it in Roon.


Hi Bob that is great news, and thanks for confirming the 24/96 works, and gapless as well.

I am sure this will be of interest to other people looking to purchase one of these in the future. I have one in my Amazon basket, but sadly not shipping from the UK yet. it will replace one of my old Chromecast Audio devices.
Enjoy your device and maybe send an update when Roon Ready is available (though I hope to have one by then).

Bob, thanks for sharing this, can I ask what DAC are you using and which cable type between the wiim pro and said DAC? It looks very much like I’m trying to solve the same issue as you (replacing chromecast audio’s with something that allows better audio quality), and struggling somewhat to identify a setup.

Hi Nathan,
I’m using a Topping DX7 Pro, connected via spidif (optical). I tried it using coaxial (rca) and that works also.

The topping isn’t made anymore. If I were buying a dac today I’d look at the reviews on Audio Science Review. It’s a great time to be an audiophile - there’s new and improved (and cheaper) things coming along all the time. Have fun!

I‘m sure I didn’t have to access Google Home App for my Wiim Pro to be seen by ROON. I notice it has 2 instances, 1 via Chromecast (which surprised me), the 2nd via Airplay. I presume AirPlay 2 as I have wireless turned off on the Wiim Pro.

Bob, or anyone, for interests sake have you got a CCA and optical out for it… would be very interested to know what happens when you run it through the topping or another decent dac if you do (using room core on pc to cast to it)

As a matter of fact I do have a Chromecast audio. It pretty much works the same way as the Wiim, except it doesn’t have ethernet. I got the Wiim so that I could get music in my office, which my wifi doesn’t reach.

The CCA will deliver 24/96 via the optical port using roon.

There is/was an Ethernet adapter cable for the CCA pucks…just in case you needed it, probably find in ebay still.

Perfect, thank you!

As a side point, the old Google WiFi mesh routers can often be had very cheaply these days, and make a significant difference, especially if they are wired together. I have them all networked throughout the house (notably home office) then perfect WiFi from them to every other device. Also you can connect a switch or nic to each, a really affordable way to ensure perfect connections for every devices. CCAs measuring about 86mbps speed which is more than enough.