Will Roon ARC be carplay compatible? [Delivered ARC 1.0.9]

It seems that Roon ARC is not carplay compatible, meaning one has to operate, navigate and select music directly on the phone while in the car. Will ARC soon be carplay compatible, so that one can navigate in library and select music on the larger screen in the car?


YES! Hopefully this is on the roadmap post-launch.


That’s coming in a future update.


Yup, carplay is on our roadmap for a future release.


And for Android Auto please! :slight_smile:


Yes, also android auto :slight_smile:


I’ll be excited to see an Android Auto version. For me, that will bring the value of Roon ARC.


The only reason I still use MediaMonkey is for the Wifi sync from PC → Device and the ability to play music in the car with Android Auto. I’d much prefer to use Roon ARC; however, I’d like the option to only play downloaded files even if I have a connection to the Core. I buy phones with lots of storage space for my music and don’t have an unlimited data plan.


Will Roon ARC also come available for a Volvo with Google services? (In car app Google play)

I assume that will be handled by Android Auto. I have a Volvo with Android Auto, so I hope when Roon implements that I’ll be able to use Roon in my car.

CarPlay would definitely be nice.

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Definitely would be great…currently I have Plexamp but I am disappointed with the miss tagging of the music using Arc and have been impressed CarPlay would be the cherry on the cake

CarPlay +1

I’ve got a long drive coming at Thanksgiving

You can click on the “What’s Playing” ICON on your dash. Use your phone for most functions.

+1 for android auto


Currently it kinda works with CarPlay. I have been using ARC for the last 2 months (Beta testing) and it works pretty well, even during a trip to Colombia and Venezuela I was able to get ARC working flawless.


So you start it playing on the phone and then access it on the carplay screen via which app (or what’s playing)?

I’ve not been using carplay very long so I’ve always been using apps like Plexamp or Tidal that integrate seamlessly.

+1 for CarPlay.

At least there’s basic controls with the Now Playing CarPlay app (including album art)


Same here. I dont have uses for phone ARC unless they make it support android auto. Currently i have to keep using Tidal when listening in car. Waze has also integration with Tidal while driving seeing map and can change tracks on same screen.

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