Win7 computer to Win10

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
ROCK on NUC gen 8

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Yulong da9, USB

Description Of Issue
I will move my win7 music server with 7 SATA hard discs to a New win10 computer.
How can I keep everything in Roon including playlists?

Did just that yesterday…
There’s a Knowledge Base you may consult.
Here’s the link to answer your question:

Good luck, and stay safe

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Can I move the harddiscs with the music from the old to the New computor and just charge the folder name for exempel disc L to disc E and the Roon find the tunes and the plsylists will work? Or do I have to copy the music to a New harddisc on the New computor?

Move the disks to the new core computer, and, again, follow the knowledge base link I referenced, which says in step 3:

## Step 3: Configuration

There are a few other considerations once your database has been restored, in order to get everything back to normal.

### Storage

Networked storage devices (like a shared folder on a NAS) will work without any further changes after restoring.

For other storage, you will need to edit your current storage settings so that Roon can find this music at a different location. Please follow this guide to do this in a manner that won’t cause your edits/favorites/play history to be lost.

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Not working! I am trying to edit the old folder to the new one but it does not work!

Is the actual top level folder called H or are you trying to map to a drive h: ?

h is the name of the same harddisc ( e )in the New win10 computor!

As in your earlier post, you disconnected the hard disc(s) from your old computer and connected to the new one, right?
I think, now you would just select the appropriate disk denominator from the drop down, and not try to change any folder names?

Yes I did! Sorry for my english! I dont understand ”disc denominator from the dropdown”! Where do I find?

The New folders are not showing up here! I have

…enabled sharing for each disc in win10!

and if you do that…

Not found! However if it is looking at \sever\ it will not find as it does not exist anymore!

Yeah, since I’m not using ROCK but ROON server on WIN10, things do look somewhat different for me.
That said, I get available discs on clicking the dropdown (same on mobile, just tested as well)

Or do you have the option to set up a new network share (see my screenshot bottom left), as you’re hosting from your new computer?

Something odd here? Which @ged_hickman1 has asked you about already.

I can’t remember how it used to be in Windows 7, but in Windows 10 you cannot share a Drive over the network - you can only share folders over the network.

So you cannot say \\Server\H to share all the top-level folders on drive H over the network - you have to explicitly set sharing on the folders that you wish to share - for example: \\Server\Music (where the folder Music is a top-level folder on drive H).

This is Whest I am trying to do!

You need to put in your Windows 10 username and password for your Core to be able to connect to the network share. Do you have a Microsoft account? I.e. a username in the form of an email address. - That can’t be used - you need to use the local username on your Windows 10 computer. That’s usually the folder name of your user folder at C:\Users\Username.

Edit: and your Network address is WRONG - it should just be \\Batman\musik

You can’t have the “H:” in the path.