Windows surface dial controls Roon core

Is it the case that one must have rp4 for and control Roon core with Windows surface dial.

Well, it won’t work directly. Something’s needed.

I didn’t think you needed to have rp4 and an SD flash card with a roodial on the latest version of core, but maybe I misunderstood…

If there’s been a change with the latest version, I cannot say because I have not tried it lately. However, unless someone else jumps in with that info, I can try it on Tuesday when I get back.

I believe you’re asking about a product called rooExtend. rooExtend is a collection of licensable Roon extensions - you install rooExtend on a Pi and purchase licenses for the capabilities you want to enable (and some capabilities, though not dial control) are free. Surface Dial support is one of the extensions. There’s also a turnkey hardware option available.

The relevant threads are:

If you want to go the turnkey hardware route, instead of a Pi, that information is here:


Thank you all for jumping in :grinning: :grinning:
I had a PM with @Richard_Dalemark and hope that helped.

Best DrCWO