XMC via HDMI input

I moved my Roon Core (sonic transport from LGC) next to the XMC-1 and connected it via HDMI.

Roon then picks up a WASPI end point and I chose that but I can’t get it to play. Roon just scrolls through a bunch of music files and doesn’t play any.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you,


Since your issue is related to playback, let us know what you’re trying to play, specifically:

  • What format and type of file are you trying to play?
  • Does this issue happen with all files or just some?
  • Where did the media come from? Did you rip it or convert yourself, or did you purchase it somewhere?

Also, let us know:

  • How is the output configured?
  • Does this issue happen with different kinds of media, e.g. TIDAL, FLAC, DSD, etc.?

Finally, please provide screenshots of all audio settings (accessible from the small gear on the Audio tab of Settings) and Signal Path during playback.

Keep trying. My Nucleus – and before that a Mac Mini – plays Roon files through XMC-1 HDMI. Not sure your problem is in the Emotiva. Check your setup/zones. Should work!

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Pardon? WASAPI is a Windows thing. Nothing to do with a Sonic Transporter from LGC…

My Sonic transporter is windows based.

Hi Martin thanks for the reply.

I have tried MC flac, MC dsd, Stereo DSD and Stereo Flac. I’ve also tried Tidal.

Happens with all the files.

Some of the media was ripped by me - some was purchased on line and some is streaming from Tidal.

Output from ROON is to WASPI - as that is the one that showed up after I connected the XMC-1

I’ll send the screen shot when I get home tonight.

I was guessing that I need to do sometime in the windows audio settings on the core machine but I’m not sure what or where I can find it.

Thanks again. I’m sure we can get it to work.


Hello, Could you explain more about the question “how is the output configured?”

Here are the screen shots showing rhe setup. There is no screen from playback as it doesn’t start.

Try setting Exclusive Mode to On…

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Thanks I’ll try - but isn’t it on in the picture above? It is not toggled to “no” so I would have guessed that where it sits is “yes” - in any event I’ll toggle it tonight when I get home.

Thanks again.

The toggle should be set to “blue” for on. “No” we be replaced with “Yes”.

This might be a stupid question, but is the HDMI port on a Sonic Transporter active? I found a picture on the SGC website that seems to indicate that the HDMI is “service use only”:

I wonder if that means Roon would be unable to use it for audio?

Perhaps @agillis can help (assuming it still doesn’t work after you switch to exclusive mode)?

That is a great question. My literature says the same thing (except no VGA) but it does have two HDMI ports - one is the shape that is typical of a computer monitor but the other one is standard audio / video. I asked Andrew at LGC and he said it should work. Fingers crossed on the exclusive mode solution.



If it is a windows box, then you should be able to go to control panel / sound devices in windows and verify that an HDMI audio device is installed. It might be windows driver for HDMI was never loaded or was disabled.

The HDMI port on the sonicTransporter is not active. You can’t send music out it.

The sonicTransporter is a Roon server only not a player.

We did sell a few sonicTransporter that are based on Windows. These are just standard i7 computer in a fanless case. We use there to run DACs that need proprietary Windows drivers to do DSD 512 like the T+A.

My box has two hdmi ports - see attached photo.

I have used the one one the left to connect to a monitor.

How do I make the one on the right become active?

Or how can I make this unit into a player? Can I add an hdmi port?

Your unit has an HDMI and a Display port (the more square connector). These are different connectors but very similar. You want to use the HDMI port. First make sure the receiver is attached when you boot the server. I think the HDMI is disabled at boot if nothing is connected to it.

After that you will need to play around with the Windows audio control . All our server accept for yours are Linux based so I know very little about how to get audio out of an HDMI port.

Thanks Andrew,

So it appears that it could be a configuration issue. Here is the audio control that I see on this box - not sure what to do - I hope someone can help.

Just found this on the web - I’ll try it tonight.