Your favourite 4 ECM albums?

(Philo Melos) #82

That list is way too long. I was really deep in tha bullcrap.
But since than my taste evolved into real mature music.

Haha, enjoy all, couldn’t resist to light a match…

(Ralph Pantuso) #83

Like I said “have a nice day” SOMEWHERE ELSE!


kind of a lousy life.
sometimes “evolving” is a pure illusion.



(Fernando Pereira) #86

Real maturity: one short step to rigor mortis.

(Ralph Pantuso) #87

Since this discussion is under attack by a flame war starter how about we fight back with some offense?

Your favorite 4 ECM albums of 2018:

Ralph Alessi - Imaginary Friends

Jacob Bro - Bay of Rainbows

Shai Maestro - The Dream Thief

Nik Bartsch’s Ronin - Awase

(Aaron Garrett) #88

I love that Ronin record.

(Aaron Garrett) #89

Props to the amazing Ricardo Villalobos/ Max Loderbauer Re:ECM. A great example of Manfred Eicher’s open mind, and a whole other layer of fun if you are familiar with the recordings they’ve remixed.

(David Nightingale) #90

It would have been very easy to duplicate some, if not all of the above, so I’ve picked four of my favourites that I don’t think have been mentioned yet. All are excellent albums, but I think that John Surman’s Road to Saint Ives is probably the ECM album I’ve listened to most often.


Excellent choice! Here are some recent favourites of mine, demonstrating ECM is far more than a narrowminded beep oink jazz label :slight_smile:





(Ralph Pantuso) #92

Isn’t this a solo bass recording? And if so, how well does it hold one’s attention?


That’s correct.

I guess that’s rather subjective. I’m a passionate collector of Bach’s suites for solo cello. I wouldn’t say these compositions are on that same high level, but I quite like it.

Though from the credits, you would expect a monotonous record, it really is quite diverse in its compositions/atmosphere and varied in the way the bass is being used, sometimes also with overdubs. It’s a showcase for the bass and what it can do and sound like. A bit jazz, a bit classical (cinematic Karaindrou comes to mind).

It’s not for each moment of the day, but certainly makes for an entertaining listen. If you stream, give it a try and let me know what you think of it :slight_smile:

(Ralph Pantuso) #94

Good idea. I will and I will let you know what I think of it.

Although the whole idea of a solo bass recording brings to mind one of the few jazz jokes that I know:

A married couple is at the marriage counselors office and no matter what the marriage counselor does he cannot get the couple to look at each other, let alone talk to each other and try to work things out. Finally the counselor gets up from behind his desk and walks over to a closet from which takes out an upright bass. He then proceeds to play a long bass solo.

After about 10 minutes he stops and when looks over at the couple to find that they are talking to each other and starting to get things worked out. Incredulously the couple look over at the counselor and ask him how knew what to do. To which he replied “That’s easy. Everyone talks during a bass solo.”

I’ll be all week :sunglasses:


(DSD 64)


(DSD 64)


(DSD 64)


Wrong thread, you should post it here :wink:


LOL! Still great, but I can’t help feeling you intend PhiloMelos to bang his head on the piano the same way Keith seems to be doing on the album cover :joy:


Not really.
Keith Jarrett’s Music is just beautiful. It’s worth a renewed discovery.


(DSD 64)