Your Top 3 Priorities for Roon

I posted in another thread

and was encouraged to start such a thread and here it is.

  1. No white on black text in “Light Theme”

  2. Make Radio algorithm (much ) better, it really is not fully fit for purpose at the moment.

  3. Improve sound normalisation process. It does not work as well as dbpoweramp replay gain tags through SBT or asset as a DNLA source.

There’s my top three, all really relate to what is in Roon already but not really working “like it says on the tin”


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  1. Improve album identification (I still have >50 classical albums present in Allmusic which are deemed “unidentified” by Roon).
  2. Implement a cloud-based automatic backup system so we aren’t facing a heart attack every time we change location of stored music.
  3. (an only positive comment) Carry on being so responsive and professional whenever we have problems making Roon doing what it’s supposed to do. I know a proper manual is being developed - it is highly needed also to make this forum more about real issues rather than simple “first-use” issues.
  1. Internet Radio
  2. HQP loop back enabling distribution through RAAT
  3. More artwork, reviews (multiple reviewers) and articles with active links to Tidal or local content
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  1. Linux RoonServer
  2. Remote for iPhone
  3. Internet Radio
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  1. Remote for iPhone
  2. Internet Radio (saw this above and thought, yes!)
  3. Keep working on the Radio functionality. Still not getting a proper variety (narrow focus).
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  1. Roonserver for Synology NAS
  2. Internet Radio
  3. More artwork and reviews

Roon is pretty darn good right now. But since somebody asked…

  1. Tighter integration with Tidal; real time new release info; true Tidal portal into entire Tidal library regardless of local library.

  2. Addition of other streaming services: Spotify, Classics OnLine HDLL; Deezer, QoBuzz

  3. Improved Desktop GUI that includes:

a- Customizable interface for artist/album/track display with navigation requiring fewer clicks to play selection
b- playlist/queue creation/sorting/undo/importing;
c- lyric/bio/art/Focus popouts that stay popped out when browsing;
d- better browsing placeholders;

  1. Audio Unit/VST processing via RoonBridge
  2. Improved filtering/tagging relationships between artists and albums. Relational.
  3. Offline music support (Take some music with me on my laptop to work)
  • better radio (including selection based on audio analysis and moods)
  • more metadata, especially for European music
  • Qobuz integration
  1. Cloud backup
  2. Linux support
  3. iPhone Remote

1 Linux server
2 multichannel
3 music on iOS device

  1. iPhone Remote
  2. Linux Server
  3. RoonBridge

A little early for me to say but right now it’s these.

  1. Audio quality as good as Audirvana on my MAC. Tidal audio quality as good as their app on my MAC.
  2. A really easy way to get rid of unwanted duplicate album covers. I do have duplicate versions due to both hirez and regular versions on the drive, although If Roon handles down-conversion to Apple TV I don’t need to see the low Rez album cover. I certainly don’t need to see Tidal versions as well.
  3. Turn off Tidal albums listings that were not selected by me.

Argh, only top 3 and not top 5, which two to get rid of…… I’ll just list 5 anyway :wink:

  1. Room Correction - Dirac Live (native or AU plugin) or any other way of doing Room Correction well. If not Dirac, ideally something included with Roon.

  2. iPhone remote (and ideally a way to sync or cache locally to an iPhone).

  3. Multi-location, cloud based kind of setup, possibly combined with ‘Roon Light’ licenses.

  4. Qobuz

  5. Better ‘find similar’ and other amazing metadata type features

Devialet becoming RoonReady is actually number 1, but since Roon has no control on that, I’ve left it off the list.

Same for Qobuz, its actually a higher priority, but if Qobuz aren’t playing ball, why waste a good slot. That said, it’s beyond me why any Qobuz threads seem get locked by the Roon team, while requests for all other features are allowed to remain active regardless of the issues involved - 11k views and counting on MQA anyone? But Qobuz is taboo? Oh well…

Radio was a priority, but downgraded since I’ve only just setup a working solution with ChromecastAudio and TuneIn, and that will more than do me for now.

  1. Expanded/Improved Radio functionality.
  2. Internet Radio in the vein of TuneIn, where I can browse by location.
  3. Roonserver for Synology/Qnap
  4. Adding a cheeky 4th one here. Devialet Expert line becoming RoonReady.
  1. iPhone remote
  2. Offline “take it with you” for iDevices (or remote online access)
  3. Server for Synology NAS
  1. iPhone remote - only thing stopping me from ditching LMS entirely to control my several squeezebox eco system end points.
  2. Devialet becoming Roon Ready. As @hifi_swlon says, not exactly in Roon’s gift to deliver this without some engagement from our friends in France, but I wanted to bang the drum anyway. IF this were to happen I’m wondering if we’d get a bump in SQ compared with Mac mini & USB? Any thoughts?
  3. Better Radio, and also Internet radio, which is actually two things, but as they’re both radio related I figure I can get away with it …
  1. SACD/DVD-A ISO support
  2. APE playback
  3. CUE support

This is all I need to make Roon the only and best app for music playback.

  1. Complete linking & editing ability to the Roon 'layers" i.e. full metadata editing

  2. Ability to customize “Album Type” with personalized category labels & sort order, rather than the currently useless (sorry, it is) Main-Single-EP-Soundtrack-Other choices, which actually only boil down to 2 different ‘piles’ of music within artist if used.

  3. Ability to customize which ‘fields’ appear on the ‘now playing’ screen; also including ability to change default locations of the fields, and pick color & font-size

Hells yes, I’d pay extra for roonserver for Synology NAS!