Ztella integrated MQA USB-DAC

Just backed the Ztella integrated USB-DAC cable MQA version on Kikstarter.


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Me too. Seems to good to be true if I’m honest but thought it’d be interesting to tinker with and use for when I don’t want to carry mojopoly around.

Waiting for my piece to arrive !
I also backed Tin Hifi T4s with early price; if this combo turns out to be good, i will ditch my V30 (the best audio hardware in a shity Smartphone experience).

Backed them as well (MQA version). Already have a Hidzis Sonata II HD Dac to compare it with. This seems like my favorite solution for use on the go. Flirted with Mojo or XSD, but I don’t see myself on the train everyday with a stack and another chargeable device. Even Dragonfly would need a dongle, too cumbersome on the go. The first sounds on head-fi seem really positive, hopefully mine arrives next week as well.

Got mine yesterday. Works fine with the Tidal app (amber led for MQA) but I could not play MQA with the USB Audio Player PRO app (only blue led when playing MQA from Tidal). SQ is really good with my Dali IO-6 cans.

That’s weird. You have MQA in UAPP enabled?

Myself, I’m still learning about USB-C audio on phones. Only just found out when trying to find more about this issue that the native Tidal and Spotify apps weren’t working with USB-C OTG on my OnePlus 6 with the Hidzis Sonata DAC II because I had UAPP installed. Removing it (temporarily) they both work, even YouTube.

As I understand it on the UAPP website, The color indicator in the uapp app itself (I see a blue dot with my non MQA Hidzis dac) when you play MQA content in via Tidal in uapp should disappear when connecting an MQA capable dac, since software unfolding in UAPP is replaced by a full unfolding of the connected dac.

Maybe UAPP still has to support it?


I have enabled MQA, but I only had about half an hour yesterday to experiment.
Will do extensive testing this weekend.

Edit 1: I have verified the settings as per recommendations on the website.

Edit 2: There are three leds in the device: blue, red and magenta. When playing MQA on UAPP the blue and magenta leds illuminate. When looking straight down on the led you only see the blue one. When looking from an agle you see both leds. When playing Tidal on my Galaxy Note 8 I only see the red led, even when I play 24 bit 96 kHz MQA.

Edit 3: Tested on my Galaxy Note 8 (Tidal app and UAPP app and on my Windows 10 Pro laptop (Tidal app) and I’m happy with the device. Much smaller compared to my Meridian Explorer².

Edit 4: Roon recognises the Zorloo Ztella. :sunglasses::headphones:

Got mine as well, and it’s like you said with that angle indeed, definitely magenta in uapp. I just started listening to it, but so far I’m quite impressed.

Got it working in Roon as well, after I figured out the Ztella wasn’t showing up because there was no headphone connected to it (and Ztella then goes to sleeping mode). I did encounter a very odd problem with the upgrading of the firmware: as soon as I fired up that little firmware upgrading program my mouse stopped working after a few seconds. But I managed.

This little thing is currently driving my LCD-2’s and I’m amazed at its power.

Any idea if this would work across both an Android and iOS device (assuming one had the correct adapter) or would I need to buy one for each device type?

They provide a lightining adapter and they have software for iOS so it will work for both.

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$440 for MQA version??? Won’t the Dragonfly Black, Red, Cobalt do this for a fractions of the cost? Am I missing something? How much better is this device?

Yes, the price was HK$ 440, or about US$ 56. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have one of these also - works well with an iPhone 7 iOS 13.3 with the Tidal App, i.e. Magenta LED to indicate MQA rendering on the 2nd unfold. The App will be undertaking the Decoding (1st unfold).

Works in Roon on a Win10 laptop, with ‘Render only’, so the Roon Core is decoding. Have seen ORFS of 192Khz and 352.8KHz.

Two small issues:

  1. Doesn’t work with a Headset, so if get a call, need to change back to the Apple convertor to use the headset.
  2. No Win7 drivers

Anyone care to compare with a Drogonfly?

Ztella works great for me, except Android Tidal app MQA doesn’t unfold, no problem with USB Audio Player Pro. Anyone with similar issue?

My Zoorloo Ztella MQA DAC didn’t see MQA and complete its rendering until I deselected the default ‘Enable Integer Mode’ in Advanced Settings. If you want MQA Rendering to work correctly with Roon on macOS, make sure integer mode is turned off. It sounds great now.