1 album machine gun clicks [Resolved - Exclusive Mode]


Have a favourite album that has started to have machine gun rapid clicks on all tracks that continue for a further 10 second when you hit stop. No other albums seems affected. Now the interesting thing is that it only happens on one remote. On core and another remote it plays fine.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the album with and without restarts with clicks continuing on that one machine. Again interesting it doesn’t appear as a new import.

System is mac based. Imac as core and two macbooks as remotes running sierra on core and remote with the problem. Problem long after updating. Files on external HDD connected to core.

You’ve probably got the same issue as this one, is your album in 48kHz?

I had this exact problem you have, too. On two MacBook Pros with Sierra. It disappeared for me after switching on Exclusive mode.

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Hi @Egres ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Checking in to see if using exclusive mode, as suggested by @ruediger (:thumbsup:), has yielded different results in playback.


Thanks for your post. Yes the album in question is 24bit 48kHz. Interesting that it plays fine on the iMac updated to sierra used as the core and the other macbook that plays it fine is old and hasn’t been updated to sierra.

I’m in Oz, with time differences won’t be able to try until later today. Will try and find other 24/48 files.

Have switched on exclusive mode and fixed! Thankyou

Have questions re exclusive mode and especially integer mode. Another software uses what it calls direct mode which was broken in sierra. Will post in separate thread.

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