1 Box Solution for Passive Speakers

Looking for feedback on those that already have one or know more than I do. I’m looking for a home office solution that ideally is:

  • 1 box
  • DAC + ~100wpc 2-channel amp
  • Roon Ready
  • Runs cool (will reside inside cabinet most likely)
  • Sounds great
  • Ethernet port (wired)
  • Switching for other devices not needed but won’t hurt if it has some
  • Remote for volume control nice but not mandatory



Devialet 220 Expert Pro


I must have different office based systems than everyone else. I was thinking NAD m10 but decided it was probably overkill price wise!


Naim Uniti Nova if you need near to 100w it’s 80w but Naims wattsge is conservstive. I have the Atom at 40w and it can kick ass above this. Best Roon integration I have usedz sounds awesome looks awesome. Will last a long time and have support for a long time as do all Naim products.

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I’m used to very efficient speakers. I’ve rolled a few through my office and so far the winner is Wharfedale Evo 4.1 given some other constraints…mostly size. Currently with a HiFiberry XLR DAC and repurposed, vintage Carver 60watt amp I’m 3/4 volume and it is not overly loud.

They are only 90dB. 80 might get me there.

@garye I’ve been eyeing the NAD M33, but just so much extra there I really don’t need. I’ll give the M10 a look.

Thanks all. Keep em coming.

I use it with tannoy eatons, bit of a mullet system but I love it.


This looks like a fun DIY solution:

Cost for the board is $99. Just need to pop a $35 RPi on top and add a $8 microSD card that's flashed with [HiFiBerryOS](https://www.hifiberry.com/hifiberryos/). Works with Roon because it runs the Roon Bridge software for ARM that is distributed by Roon Labs.

The optional DSP board adds some interesting posabilities.

The only reason I’ve not jumped on this already is that HiFiBerry does not have a case for this contraption yet. That said, there are probably a number of hobby cases that would work just fine.

I do have a similar project based on the HiFiBerry AMP2 board, a Raspberry Pi 3B, and an 18V power supply that sounds quite good.


On the other end of the performance spectrum, I’m keen to give this new Streamer/Amp from @Orchard_Audio a try:

It actually does have a very nice case. :slight_smile:


There are the 2 new Cambridge Audio EVO range , streamer , preamp etc “Just add Speakers”

There are even EVO speakers, its all a bit new so availability may be an issue

Not Cheap mind EVO 75 = UKP1799, EVO 150 = UKP 2249

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500W into 4 Ohms! You wouldn’t get much work done in that office.
Personally I would go with the Naim Atom as it is a relatively mature and stable product. More than enough power for the office.

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Check out the Elac Discovery Z3.

May not be what your looking for but it is an All in one box Roon Ready network player.

I use Ethernet, works perfectly. Have one in the Kitchen and one in the bedroom. Will be adding one in the office space.

Volume control is via the Roon remote or up/down buttons on the front panel.


Bluesound Powernode


Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 … fits the bill, sounds great, Room ready … look up the reviews… I love it and I have it connected to a pair of Monitor Gold Bookshelf Speakers …. Can power most speakers even less sensitive ones


The MOON ACE MIND2, does PCM/DSD/MQA and is Roon Ready just like the new(er) Cambridge EVO’s.

I built a RasPi4 with HiFiBerry DAC2 HD and AAMP60 (60watts).
Sounds great. More than enough to power JBL 10" 3 WAY SPEAKERS.
Contained unit is slick powered by 20v supply to AAMP60.
Powered from 5v supply to RaspPi4 you can directly output from DAC2 HD to an external amp and it sounds as good as it gets. I use both tube and solid state amps.
New release of AMP100 with built in DAC on the way. No option for direct DAC output.
Good Luck
Dr. Nick


Additional info. I have experimented with every OS for RasPi. Best is is the Raspi OS with ROON Bridge.
ROON will be available at boot, no ROON control from device but from all ROON apps.
Remains a full computer and, add a SNAP Plex Server program for full Plex operation.
PLEX Server available at boot. For Plex player need to start web browser with plex. Plex also available OUTSIDE the home. Good Luck

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MatrixAudio Element P

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I recently purchased an Evo 75, and am mostly happy with it. I have an album (quite possibly a single track) that plays fine on other endpoints, but crashes the Evo. I need to narrow down the cause, and file a bug report. Then we’ll see how responsive Cambridge Audio is.

Sounds good, runs cool, and if this bug gets fixed, controllable entirely from Roon Remote, which is just what I want for my bedroom system.

I have 1 DXD album that seems to stutter; other DXD & DSD up to DSD256 plays fine, over wired Ethernet.

Good luck!

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Sounds interesting, was thinking about this unit myself. Apart from the file crash issue, are there any other issues with the unit?
Do let us know what the issue was with that file/album.