130 Tracks and over? Problem with Tidal Audio books an Roon

I have a general problem with Roon. In Tidal I hear an audio book that has 192 tracks. Roon only shows 130 tracks, then it’s over. This affects the Windows app and also the app for IOS. Thanks for an answer.

This is a long-standing issue. Unfortunately, it seems that raising the limit impacts the UI performance, if I am reading @danny 's comments in this (old) thread correctly:

There has been work done on the graphics of Roon, so whether this limit can now be raised, I don’t know. Only someone from Roon Labs will be able to give a definitive answer.

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Hi @Robert_Ostermeyer,

As Geoff mentioned, this is currently a limitation on the Album page which affects the number of tracks that can be seen. We hope to improve this limitation in the future, but I can’t provide any specifics or timeframes just yet.

In the meantime you can always use the Tracks browser and filter by Album to view all available tracks for these rare cases.