2.0 Update Reminders

@Support Can you please do me a huge favor. As I cannot move to 2.0 due to our internet connectivity issues and I cannot go to 1.8 Legacy as SGC i5 cannot take that update according to Andrew Gillis. Could you please mark my account so it does not bug me all day to update. I would really appreciate that. I love Roon, but really need this help. Thank you for your consideration. Ron

I’m truly perplexed as to why @agillis would say that as there is not really any functional difference between 1.8 and 1.8 Legacy.

An explanation why would be a good start I think.

In addition, from another post:

Well in advance of launch we contacted all of the Roon Core partners to inform them of the requirement to provide a mechanism to install Roon 1.8 Legacy so [the vendor] should have a process for this. We recommend you contact them directly for information on how to move your core to 1.8 Legacy.

He’s misinformed.

1.8 stable will never, ever, ever receive another update nor will it be supported by Roon. 1.8 production1x (Legacy) will receive updates and is fully supported by Roon. If one wants to run 1.8 then they must move to 1.8 Legacy.

But the issue is that @agillis has informed me that 1.8 Legacy will not work on the SGC i5 or any of his devices. So for me I am a cooked goose :slight_smile:

Again, that’s not correct. We’re getting in touch with him and will set things straight.

Very sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you Andrew, will you let us know when SGC will work with 1.8 legacy. Appreciate it

Quick question, will 1.8 Legacy be supported past 12/31/22 ? I know 1.8 wont.

Thanks, Ron

We aren’t absolutely certain how we are going to step down support for 1.8 Legacy. It’s going to depend a lot on the number of users continuing to use it. At some point in the future we will stop providing updates, but our technical support team will continue to provide assistance on an as-needed basis. We’re leaving these dates somewhat fluid as we couldn’t predict in advance what percentage of users would stay on 1.8 Legacy vs move ahead with 2.0.

1.8 “stable” is now essentially at its end of life and has been replaced by 1.8 Legacy. While it’s still supported it will no longer receive updates and when contacting support the first thing we will request users do is move to 1.8 Legacy.

Why not push out an update to everyone still on Roon 1.8 to 1.8 Legacy? Then, let them decide to stay on 1.8 Legacy or upgrade to Roon 2.0.

Or, would that just create another layer of confusion and reduce the acceptance rate of Roon 2.0?

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