5,000 song shuffle limit?

Getting used to the new Roon and enjoying it so far, a lot of good new things to discover. however one change I’ve noticed which is a tad annoying is how shuffle all tracks works. I have 30K plus songs in my collection and previously when I shuffled it would just randomly play all (as far as I could tell). On the new Roon shuffle all tracks appears to select just 5,000 tracks and after multiple shuffle attempts it appears to just shuffle artists in the alphabetical range A to K nothing from L onwards. is there a hidden setting somewhere to alter how shuffle works? I’m sure it is something I’m missing or doing wrong

I’m using a macbook pro 2020 with latest MacOS installed Big Sur 11.2.1

thanks for any help


Before the update, when I clicked the Tracks tab, then selected Shuffle, it would shuffle all my library’s tracks (270k+). Now, it only shuffles from 5000 tracks. I’m using Windows 10, latest build, on a Dell XPS-8930 desktop. Any ideas on what is going on, and how I can get it back to the way it was?


Same issue as me and others appear to be experiencing. For me, when shuffling from Albums list, only the first 5000 tracks in order of artist name are grabbed for shuffle.

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With the new update how do I shuffle through my entire track library as I used to be able to do and is the 98% my use of Roon? Now when I select Tracks>Shuffle it creates a queue of 5000 tracks. What tracks are those? How do I shuffle through my whole library? Also the tracks selection used to display how many tracks I had in my library (IIRC about 13,000), that is no longer there.

I have a large library that I used to love to shuffle until this new release. I used to able to shuffle my entire library. With this release, it limits song to 5000. And what is maybe even worse, it starts in the beginning of the alphabet and continues in alpha order. If this continues, I will be on the letter A for six months. So in 1 year I will have listened to 3 or 4 letters. Ar you kidding me.? If this isn’t fixed I am out of here… 1 angry customer

It wasn’t intended to work this way.

You should be able to choose shuffle and get a random selection of music from your library, not just the beginning of the alphabet (or whatever your current sort mode is).

Thanks for flagging this everyone – we appreciate the feedback and we’re working on a fix. It should be in the next release.


Thanks Matt! Delighted to hear that and looking forward to the fix. In the meanwhile James_Hobson has kindly provided me with a temporary bandaid.

Cooch needs a hug

Have about 147,000 tracks
Like to just set to shuffle
Now with 1.8 it tells me “shuffling 5,000” tracks.
Only other change to my setup aside from upgrading to 1.8 is I just started using a nucleus + today.

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Thanks! This is very good news!

Glad to hear there’s a fix coming. I use shuffle at least 75% of the time. Today I was wondering why I was hearing so much Billy Bragg, Beatles, Carmina Burana and Beck. As everyone has said it’s only shuffling, in my case, the As and Bs in the database.


if some of us were beta testers this won’t happen as the focus issue should not happen either and should be easily detected by a daily user, sometimes I feel like Roon does not use Roon, otherwise I am sure they will notice, do you use foobar2000?

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My thoughts exactly. Thanks for saying this. Shuffling 300,000 tracks should be possible in 2021, but I fail to understand the practical use case when Roon provides so many more intelligent music discovery tools.

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I don’t think the 5000 is the issue but that it is not random. It is random from the alphabetical order.

If it took 1000 song sample properly dispersed that would meet most people’s needs.


Hi David,
To each their own. I appreciate that some people want to actively work to discover music. 90% of the time I just want to passively turn on my system for the day and let it shuffle through my entire collection. I hear tracks that I really like that I haven’t heard for a month. 1.7 did that perfectly for me and was fabulous for me adding, and editing my collection. I was 100% delighted with Roon. Now I cannot do the 90% reaon that I bought Roon. Very distressing.


And once again that’s not relevant to this bug at all. [moderated] :thinking:

Hi Jim, When I read your point, I think yeah, that is strange. But that is how I have been listening. I get bored with just one genre. And when a Beethoven organ concerto comes on after AC/DC, my reaction is hey neat I forgot that I had that. Maybe if I took the time to just sit and seriously listen for an hour it would be different. But I like the variety. :grinning:

Sorry Matt, but I think that a discussion of listening preferences explains the need for a full random library option.


I don’t think it does matter. Roon had a bug. They understand shuffle should be random like just about every other piece of music software, whether we use it 100%, just to find a mood, or never at all. Jim came into argue from the get go about a feature he doesn’t use and doesn’t care about. And I’ve seen it all over this forum. It’s bizarre to me.