Access to Roon DSP/ room correction software

I am not able to access DSP or room correction. The menu does not appear. My device is considered uncertified. Yet I was able to gain credibility after producing suitable screen shots, which prove the manufacturer has Roon certified products. Is this the problem or am I locked out for another reason?

Your device doesn’t need to be certified to use the DSP features (there is no room correction per se - you need to provide your own filters). When you are playing music and tap the speaker in the lower right corner on your remote device, does the DSP option not come up? If it does, what happens when you press it?

Also, you won’t see DSP details when using a mobile phone/tablet which only offers portrait mode; you will need a computer to proceed.
You’ll also need to install the program REW and use a calibrated microphone to measure your room and generate filters for room correction.
Read up on that in

Go for it, it’s worth any minute you invest.

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