Additional Albums Sort By option : Date Recorded


Sorry if this has been requested before…

Can you please add an extra option to the Albums Sort By so that album can be sorted by Date Recorded.

I have tons of Jazz and like to see my album listed chronologically by when the artist recorded the music rather than when it was discovered/released/reissued so that each type or period of an artists style of music is grouped together.

For example, for Miles Davis, grouped by each decade/style - cool -> modal -> free bop -> electric -> 80’ rubbish



This would also be useful for live albums of any genre.

In my opinion that should be the default. For an artist with a lot of albums I am always confused if an album recorded in the 60s is shown between his newer albums, only because it is rereleased in 2008.

Like the principle but not sure there’s sufficient metadata to make it practical?

Roon uses the Original Release date of an Album for Sorting within an Artist

So if an album was re-released in 2008, then it may need to Re-ID’d to ensure that an Original recording date is allocated to that album in your Library

+1 for Album Sort by date recorded.

In my Roon library I open up an Artist (e.g. Grateful Dead) and see all the albums listed below. They are listed by Date Recorded (all 180+). I have the “Originally Released” fields loaded with the recording date as well as “Date Recorded”.

Give it a try, it works very well for me.

Yeah, I started doing that but with 3000+ albums it might take some time :smiley:

It would be a great to have the extra option…plus it would be good to keep the original release date for reference rather than overwrite them with the date recorded.

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+1 from me for Sort by date recorded

+1 from me also

For now I’ve adopted what @rayski suggested - setting ‘Original Release Date’ to be date of recording. This means that, in some cases information has to be discarded e.g. live albums originally on vinyl and then issued on CD where the recording date differs from the original release date.

What would be useful (@support @mike) would be to have an option (in Library … Settings) of setting the order in which Roon selects date i.e. put Recording Start Date, Recording End Date, Original Release, Release in order of priority - and ignore any not populated.

It’s not ideal and requires you to tweak your meta data, but it works. I only use it for one of my artist albums, for me lots of Grateful Dead, which is far more interesting to browse by Performance Date than by collection (i.e. Dicks Picks, Daves Picks, From the Vault, 30 Trips, etc). I want to choose my selection by the date when the boys performed and then venue.

All other albums browsing by performance date is not as important to me. Though it would be nice if it were captured as part of the original Meta Data and as you suggest - Roon sorted on it.

About 25% of my albums (1,627 out of 6,748) are live so it would be really useful for me to be able to sort by recorded date (if populated) and, if not, by original release.

Also, if you try to identift ‘Live’ albums by using Inspector then it shows any album that has 1 or more tracks marked as ‘Live’. Would be useful to be able to select a subset - albums where ALL tracks are ‘Live’. @mike

I’d like to bring this topic up again. Any chance to have a “Sort by recording date” feature implemented? It can’t be that difficult and would be very helpful for many of us.

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I am looking for ways to analyze my collection based on recording date as well, including sorting and Focus, which I can’t get to work either, as discussed here:

As I have said in another thread I think roon needs to provide much better tools for organizing using recording date. That said, I think there is a problem with tying recording date tools to albums, because albums often (perhaps most often) have tracks from various recording dates, sometimes from different years or even decades. The latter is especially true for compilation albums. I find that roon’s organizing tools are very album-oriented (as are those of most music playing software), but my listening is increasingly track oriented (but that is a discussion for anbother thread).


Still want this please.

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no question about it!

this would be awesome!

Anything from Roon?