After upgrading to Mojave, Marantz MCR 611 is not available in Roon [Solved - Rebooted Core and Marantz]

I upgraded as well and Roon is no longer picking up all my audio zones especially my Marantz MCR 611.

Hello @Michael_Hickey,

Thanks for contacting support , I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. Can you please provide a description of your setup using this thread as a guide?

Please also provide a screenshot of your Roon -> Settings -> Audio Page, it should look something like this:

How is the Marantz MCR connected to your Core in this case, over Ethernet or something else (TOSLink/Analog?)

Please let me know the above information when possible.


You didn’t happen to connect to the Marantz via apple play did you…and upgraded that to airplay2?

Hi both - thanks for your support, I am connected to the Marantz via AirPlay.
I have rebooted everything tonight including Marantz, and Mac and everything is working perfectly again.

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Glad to hear that @Michael_Hickey,

Thanks again for contacting support and wish you a pleasant listening experience!


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