Airplay on Atom shows twice

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Naim Uniti Atom

Description Of Issue
Why is my Naim Atom showing two airplay devices for it?

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

Is the duplicate zone still visible at the present time or did duplicate disappear by itself after some time?
Was this immediately after a network reset?

It’s always there and has been since last update. Others have had this on other devices to from other posts on the forum.

Hello any updates on this. Still seeing two entries for my Atom for Airplay.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

I’ve just activated diagnostics on your Core, I see the report came in.
Let me run this by the team and I’ll let you know if anything is amiss.

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Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

We’ve activated a deeper diagnostics mode for your account that focuses on Airplay communication.
Can I please ask that you reboot your affected Core and then manually send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions?

Here you @noris!AgHQUEVFVR_n1aRsmIFznY6KJcGBDA?e=3LusEy

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Thanks for sending that over @Simon_Arnold3, let me get this over to the team!

seems like I have similar problem:

currently testing roon, and it seems like every day it detects duplicate AirPlay device for my single Hegel, which currently play over LAN -> RoonBridge -> USB -> Hegel.

That definitely looks like a bug. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry if I missed it, but what device are you using to run Roon Bridge?

there’s no problem with RoonBridge - it is running on Intel ComputeStick in Ubuntu18server, it is working as intended. AirPlay’s duplications is on Core. there’re five of them currently, one added since morning :slight_smile:

my Hegel amp connected by ethernet, but currently this connection is not used, waiting for long-awaited roon support from hegel HQ :frowning:

Hi @sergej_teregeshev,

What kind of Operating System is the Core using?
Is there any change in behavior with a reboot of the Hegel?

Just to say Roon still does this with my Atom when I have airplay enabled on it.

Core runs on current Ubuntu 20 LTS on NUC 7i7 (over ethernet). Hegel-playing-over-USB endpoint runs on Ubuntu18 (over wifi), and out of the question - it works well.

I rebooted Core now, and there is only one Hegel Airplay now after reboot. I cannot deduce currently which action duplicates airplayed hegels…

rebooted hegel twice, no duplication still… will watch furher!

and yet again. latest hypothesis (and I’m low-level programmer:): seems like DAILY restart of hegel (it has auto-shudtown feature - turning himself off if 1hr with no sound) in my main listening room. it can be rebooted many times during the day with no additional airplays… let’s look into it :slight_smile:

yes, next morning - +1 airplay’ hegel. so it seems like how much duplicates I have is days since last Core reboot.

hi @noris

I hope you created a bug in your tracker, I can provide you with additional info, but here is last duplication pic:

happy new year with multiple airplaying hegels :slight_smile:

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Hello @sergej_teregeshev,

Happy Holidays to you as well and thanks for the additional screenshot!

I just checked this ticket and I see that there has been some work on it, we believe these are showing up because the Airplay zones are using a different port per duplicate entry.

We are still trying to find the root cause and reproduce in the lab, thank you for your patience here while we look into this further!

@noris my Naim Atom does this and seems to add a new one when it’s powered off and on again. A reboot of the core clears it but it will start to return if the unit is powercycled or is unplugged from the network.

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