Airplay on Atom shows twice

Just powercycled my Naim and it’s added it again. Funnily though it’s adding it using a different name than is configured for the Atom seems to be using its original naming when it’s first setup.

new release, lotta airplays…

I have turned off airplay on my Atom but this was happening every power cycle of the Atom. So perhaps the theory that Noris put forward about it using a different port for each instance is true but why is Roon not clearing the old ones no longer in use?


Thanks for confirming the behavior is the same in 1.8, I have updated the ticket to reflect this. We are still investigating the root cause, but once there’s been any updates to the ticket, we’ll let you know.

@noris did this mystery get resolved?

Hi @CrystalGipsy ,

I don’t see any recent activity on the ticket unfortunately, but I did notice a similar thread regarding duplicate devices:

Are you by any chance running a DNS reflector on your setup? If you run the same dns-sn scan that Chad did, do you see multiple entires show up?

If you look closely, you’ll see that @CrystalGipsy was also active on that thread. I’m reasonably certain he’s seen my resolution.

I do have mdns on my router as I have my Chromecasts on a different subnet so it is needed. But no I dont get anything like Chad has and my Chromecasts have never repeated… Only Airplay on the Atom. I don’t have airplay active on it at moment. I can do some experiments to see if it makes any difference. But I cannot change my network permamantly for this as it won’t work for other things I have setup.

13 instances of unremovable Hegel H390s now!

Hegel says it’s “Roon’s problem”. To me it’s a Roon-Hegel-H390 problem. Don’t 'cha love it?

Hey @Henry_Pajak – Today’s build may have fixed this for ya, can you take the update and let us know? Thanks!