Album covers missing on iPads

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I cleaned the cache in Roon and restarted. A few of my album covers didn’t reappear but the title did appear below the cover space. When I tap the blank cover space to play it appears on the playing page and plays fine. The missing covers are from all of my sources–local files, Tidal and Qobuz. This happened on my iPad, not my desktop which is also a remote. I rebooted my iPad but nothing changed. Any ideas?

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is the album identified in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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Description of the issue

Have you tried restarting your Roon core?

I rebooted my NUC but no help. I rebooted my iPAD again but no help. All of the covers are appearing on my desktop. I don’t get it.

Is the Roon version on your iPad up to date?

You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the iPad app.
You shouldn’t have to, but who knows it might help. Maybe make a note of any iPad specific browsing configurations in Settings

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I’m running 2.0 build 1303 on my iPAD. Is that current?

I uninstalled and reinstalled Roon on my iPAD but no help. I don’t think 1303 is the latest version. How do I install the latest version if it’s not?

Yes, that’s current and fine.

It is, the respective release notes are these from Aug 14:

There were some updates after this one, but they affected only ROCK, PC/Server, and/or ARC:

Anyway, the iPad normally installs all app updates automatically unless you turned that off in the App Store settings. I just wanted to be sure in the absence of better ideas.

And if a complete app reinstall did not help, I am unfortunately completely out of ideas :frowning:

This all started when I cleared the ROON cache which required a restart. I’m wondering if I should clear the cache again?

Well I doubt it can hurt at this point. I thought that you first had had the cover issue and then cleaned the image cache but it didn’t fix it. In the vast majority of cases it certainly does if covers are missing etc. No idea, but if I was you I’d try again :slight_smile:

Do you mean you cleaned the cache on your server (i.e. your NUC)? If so, I’d suggest clearing the image cache on the iPad too.

Good point, I assumed the Roon app’s image cache, but maybe not. (Though shouldn’t a complete uninstall/reinstall of the app remove all data? Dunno on iOS)

I think it should, but figured it would be worth a try.

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In Roon I went to settings/set up. There is an option to clear the image cache in Roon. I did and my problems started. Just now I did it again and the number of missing covers DOUBLED.

When the cache is deleted, it needs to repopulate. That’s the whole point, of course. I’m wondering if it’s either being slow or something is blocking image fetching. Do your local files where the covers are missing have local images embedded in the files or jpg files in the folders? Or are they relying on Roon’s online database for images?

If they’re rips of CDs they are jpg files. If downloads the same. Streaming I’m not sure. The missing covers are local files, Tidal and Qobuz.

Ok, in that case it can’t caused by an issue with getting the fresh images from Roon. I was thinking maybe it’s their cloud having a bad day or something, and maybe not even an issue in your app/setup.

My guess is now something with your Core because that’s where the original jpg files ultimate reside and have to be re-fetched from, to populate the emptied cache on the iPad. I would bet a small amount that if you were to clean to cache on the desktop, you’d have the same problem there. But as you didn’t clean the cache, the desktop has its local copies of the images still. I suppose you don’t want to test this hypothesis, though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus, as your local jpg files are also affected, I don’t think that this qualifies as a metadata issue anymore, as it’s clearly not just Roon-provided metadata. I took the liberty and moved the thread to the main Support forum, I believe you are more likely to be seen by Roon staff this way.

Speaking of the core, you didn’t mention what the core is.

The core is an Intel NUC/Nucleus clone. I’ve spent the last half hour going to each missing cover and doing edit/identify album/save and that process is restoring most of them. On a few I have to reject what comes up even if it’s correct and go to “none of them” and use “what’s in the file option”. That almost always works. Thanks for sending me over to the main support forum.

With ROCK or Windows?

What a chore, but at least it helps. I hope not too many! I have no particular insight into how Roon works, but my not entirely naive guess would be that when you do that it saves a copy in the iPad’s local cache right away and hence doesn’t have to fetch the original image from the core. Not that it helps you much, but might be another little hint for the source of the problem (clearly not with the actual image rendering on the iPad, for instance)

Rock. Yeah, its a real PITA. There are probably 200+ needing covers.

So weird. You could wait for Roon support to try and sort it though, even if it takes some time :slight_smile: