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I have found a number of album sets not being kept together since I updated. For example a 2 CD set of Mahler No9 and Kindertotenlieder, and Ruckert Lieder used to show up together as Disc 1 and 1 Once I sotarted to play from the beginning of disc 1 it would automatically go onto disc 2 when it ended. I can’t get it to recognise this anymore. What am I doing wrong please

See this is why we need a manual and why this “forum support” stuff is bogus.

It’s probably a simple thing I’m doing wrong but I’ve missed it searching for a long while in the forums so I ask a question. Two days later I still don’t have an answer and my problem remains. How easy to flick through a manual and find the issue. Too simple? Why?

Please, please, please will you Roon guys just give us a simple document that tells us how to work your product.

Hi William,

Display both albums and then right click (or long press) on each album so they are both shaded, then click edit at the top of the screen. Now select Merge Albums.

Try that and see if it works.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @William_Scott – sorry for the slow response here, it’s been a busy week since the launch of 1.2. You can find documentation in our Knowledge Base, which is a work in progress.

Are you saying multi-disc sets that were previously displayed as a single album are now split? Or are these new albums? Checking the import date shown on the Album Detail page would be helpful to confirm whether anything has changed.

If these are new imports, @Greg’s instructions above are correct. And if anything in your setup has changed, let us know that as well.

Also, in the future, we can help resolve issues faster if you give us the details of your setup. Thanks!

Thank you Greg. I will try the suggestion above. I’m away for a few days so it will be when I get back.

Mike I wasn’t complaining about slow response times or lack of effort on the support staff part, just the lack of clear instructions and the unwieldy and impractical nature of this type of support. I understand that in atypical or particularly problematic areas support contact is invaluable but for more routine misunderstandings it isn’t very helpful.

In this case, I looked in the knowledge base but didn’t find what I wanted.I believe Greg has provided a solution which might resolve my issue.

However to clarify. In this case, I am saying that the albums in question used to be together so I played the work and it would finish Disc 1 then go onto Disc 2. Now it doesn’t. I might have changed something and I have no easy reference to find out.

The other problem with not having a manual is that when I ask questions I need to be careful and include all relevant information. If I ask the wrong question it starts a dialogue which might be helpful or it might not, but is not quick. If I look in the manual and most of the typical situations are covered in it, the answer’s there. I also don’t depend on how busy Roon is at the time.

Anyway, I’m tired and irritable so I’m having a gripe. I understand Roon are generally responsive and “customer focused”, but this support model does not please me. I can’t understand why you are so resistant to having a manual

Anyway, my set up is a MacBookPro with Roon running the latest El Capitan software and running into a Hegel 160 with internal DAC via USB. My music is stored on an external HDD. It comes up as one album in iTunes. Up until now, I’ve tried preferring Roon metadata, original metadata and re-identifying the album all to no avail.

All righty. I tried the suggestion and it did group the discs into one. However, the work in question ( Mahler’s 9th) has 4 movements with 3 on one of the original disc and the 4th on the second original disc. The performance is split into 2. In other words if I play the performance it only gives me the first 3 movements. I could choose to play the album but then I would get the other material on disc 2 which I might not want to listen to. The alternative is to make a playlist I guess but I’m wondering if there’s a way to consolidate the work into one performance?

I didn’t have this issue with the previous version of Roon which, although it kept the work over 2 discs played the whole performance by switching to the last movement on disc 2 automatically.

Any ideas?

Anyone able to help? I’d be grateful. Thank you

Hey @William_Scott – this is a known issue that we’ll be addressing for our 1.3 release, which will have a major overhaul of our feature set for classical music, and will also allow for significantly more flexible editing.

I had to go back and double check, and you’re right this did work slightly differently before. We had a more troublesome issue that we needed to address with the current workaround, but this isn’t how we intend for this to work long term.

Sorry for the trouble (and the slow response ;))!

Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply. It is reassuring to know you are aware of the issue and have a plan for dealing with it.

I haven’t been using Roon long but I also have noticed on 1.2 that identifying albums seems to be less reliable than before. Is this something you have noticed? Perhaps it is simply that I’ve tried it with less well-known albums than in the past.

I’m generally very pleased with Roon and it is streets ahead of anything else out there. The possibilities for the future are exciting. The new update has brought a lot of new things which is great. I am intrigued by this classical update 1.3 and I’m looking forward to trying it in due course.

( I still say a manual would be good though :wink: )

All the best


I’d be interested to hear some examples. Small changes can sometimes have unintended consequences, so it is possible. If you can give me some more information I can look into it.

We’ve actually been discussing this quite a bit over the last two weeks, and work is in progress. One thing @kevin and I have been grappling with is that we’ve heard this request a lot, but it can mean different things to different people.

I’d be interested to know more about what you’re looking for. An overview of all features? Step-by-step Getting Started and setup info? A “How To” guide for common tasks? Frequently asked questions? Technical descriptions of how things work under the hood? A clearer overview of all of documentation?

To some degree we’re planning all the above, but feedback helps us prioritize, so thanks in advance @William_Scott!

Hi Mike. Can I give you some examples of the ID thing in a week or so. I will note examples as I go and feed them all back to you in one go. As I say it might well be more obscure albums though off the top of my head, one well-known set that iTunes identified correctly but Roon didn’t was Walter Bruno Conducts Mahler 5 Disc Set from Sony. I only recently added that to Roon so I don’t know if earlier versions would have worked; possibly not.

Re the manual. What I’d like is a set - up guide. With a step - by - step explanation of all features ( including stuff like the grouping of Discs we talked about above ) how to add metadata and what the "Prefer Roon or original file stuff means etc etc

Maybe a common problem solving thing at the end would be good

For example I didn’t know about getting lossless sound and didn’t really understand what the settings meant. I had to dig around to find it.

I suppose all of the things you mentioned. I just really want to know how to set Roon up and make sure I get what all the settings do. Not bothered about tech stuff but I suppose others will want that.

Glad to hear you guys are going to go for it. I feel it would be an enormous help in people getting the most from Roon


I’m trying to group albums but it’s not working for some reason.

I have Roon server so I’m using an iPad as control.

Any help would be appreciated.


Paul, it might help to diagnose the issue if you described it in a little more detail. What’s not working, what is the folder structure that you have for your albums, and do the tracks have full metadata?

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