Almost no tracks will play: constantly getting "a networking or connectivity problem is interfering with tidal playback"


I am a new subscriber, have installed Roon 1.3 (build 196) stable (64 bit) on a Windows 8 laptop using a SoTM SMS 200 and their eunhasu music player.

I have a very small music library

Almost every track stops playing after 2-3 secs, I then get the “a networking or connectivity…” message come up before it then tries to unsuccessfully play the next track (with the same message coming up again). I dont believe these are MQA tracks Im trying to play.

I never had any similar problems when using spotify

Can anyone help?

I think people will need details of your network.


Where can I find those details to post?

Well, it’s your physical set up. Router, switches. Wi Fi or not? Are these local files or streamed? How is your internet speed?

Ok, thanks Chris. We have a v simple set up: a BT Open Reach box hooked up to a Netgear N150 WNR 1000 v3 Wireless Router which I must admit must be at least 5 years old, maybe older. We are with Plusnet and our speed varies from 10-50 mbs. At this very second Tidal is running fine but then its late and internet speed is right up at around 50mb/s. Earlier when experiencing problems it was around 15-20mbs. I am using wifi on the laptop. These are all streamed tracks

I’m not an expert but if your Tidal problems coincide with low internet speed you have your answer. Tidal stream lossless files unlike the low quality of Spotify.
If local files stored on your hard drive play ok then it suggests your internal network and Roon are ok.
Just thoughts. Chris

Hey @matthew_barnes – can you explain how things are connected on your network? Does everything connect to the Netgear? Is everything wired?

Where is the music stored? Is Chris right that these skips only occur with TIDAL or do they also affect local content?

Can I please be involved in this conversation ? I have posted several times with similar issue and I have a sotm SMS 200 so I’m interested in any solution to Mr. Mattew Barnes’ issue.

Hi, thanks for the responses. The SMS 200 is connected via a powerline and ethernet. I have ordered a newer and better router (Asus 802.11ac) in case this is a wifi problem. I will check the position re local content. Thanks again

You’re using powerline adaptors? I suspect that could well be a major factor in the issue, judging by other threads on the forum such as this:

Any chance you could (temporarily) run an ethernet cable between the SMS 200 and the switch/router to test this?

Thanks for the replies. I have now bought a CAT 7 ethernet cable and dispensed with the powerline adapter. That helped but attaching the laptop via ethernet cable has identified that my current router is absolutely hopeless (went from 10 mb/ps using router to 80 mb/ps using ethernet) and with that additional change Tidal/Roon is now working flawlessly

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