Alternative UI for disabled

Im a Roon user with ALS. I can no longer use my hands, and now use eye tracking on my iPad. Problem is, the Roon app doesn’t support Apple’s accessibility tools, which means I have no way to navigate it. Is there an another option for people like me?

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Unfortunately, the Roon app uses technology often associated with gaming, so assistive technologies won’t work with it.

There are a couple of things you could try, but functionality will be limited as these third party apps utilize the Roon API.

  • Roon TUI is a text interface
  • Roon Web client

I don’t know if it will help, but I did find a thread on voice control of Roon using either Siri or Google Assistant from 2022:

Thank you so much.

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T did youhan know did you kno, will check it out

Sorry about that, voice to text caught bits of music.


This thread ought to be in feature requests I think, in 2024, usability for people with disabilities should be baked in, and not just with Roon.


Not this topic, as this is specifically about exploring workaround possibilities.

Roon have advised the OP, in his Support topic, they are aware and said …

… which I take as promising, only time will tell.

IIRC there is an existing accessibility topic in Feature Suggestions which could be appended to and voted on.

I’ll have dig and update this post with a link once I find it.

Found it …

I also found this one …


It is not.

Thank you so much.

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Hi @James_Williams

I’m running a project for an alternative GUI for Roon. Under the hood it is using a framework developed by Google called Flutter. It allows app development for mobile, tablet and desktop and supports accessibility features. From its documentation:

Flutter is committed to supporting developers in making their apps more accessible, and includes first-class framework support for accessibility in addition to that provided by the underlying operating system

My project is very fresh, it hit the Roon Community last Friday, and I did not investigate the accessibility features yet, but this can surely be done in the future.

The problem for your use-case is that, although Flutter supports iOS and macOS, I’m not in the Apple ecosystem and therefor cannot provide the app for these platforms. Still wanted to let you know this exists, because maybe at some point an Apple developer within the Roon Community is willing to join the project, or maybe you have access to one of the platforms that I can support. These platforms being Linux, Android, Windows.

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Thank you so much for the information and hard work. I have installed Ubuntu on an old MacBook, so that should work. I will try and let you know.

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