Android 11, Samsung S20, can't find Roon Core

They don’t even seem very concerned about the problem. We have to remove the automatic renewal! Perhaps they will deign to give support that is not some chat in a forum like kids.

Hello @Lele, my apologies for the delay in getting back to you, we’re still catching up from the holidays but are committed to helping you resolve this issue. I see you’ve tried setting a different IP address for ROCK, but I didn’t see a response regarding trying the multicast IP address on the remote when asked for the core’s IP. Could you give that a try and let me know the results?

Please tell me exactly what stations you will assign and where.
IP, subnet mask, gateway.

Samsung S20:
IP, subnet, gateway.

It is recommended that you do not use (limited broadcast) on a network.

I can give it a try, but only temporarily.

Roon must be able to be used by at least 2 S20 smartphones in my network.


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Roon assistance nonexistent !!! Shameful.

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Apologies for the delay, @Lele!

Were you able to give this a try? Did it result in any change when you did this?

I would at least expect clear answers. By assigning a static multicast IP to whom? If I try to assign it to ROCK it is no longer found on the network. If I assign it to the Samsung S20 smartphone it is not accepted as a valid address. In any case, do not specify which subnet mask six should be used with cannot be left blank.

If you give me an email address or your contact we can do some tests together or you can connect remotely and check. I am not constantly reporting the problem but it has been nearly impossible to use Roon for months now. in March I will have to pay the renewal, will you give me more months for free as compensation? I’m paying for something I can’t use. also because of Roon I cannot listen to my high level HiFi in a relaxing way. I can’t wait to upgrade to a DCS Bartok and get rid of this bad assistance from Roon. I imagined that in case of problems there would be assistance to contact, not a public forum where you respond when you have time. It is 2 months 01/12/2020 that I have reported the problem. Your team never emailed me to make sure everything was resolved. I don’t think you care much about your customers’ satisfaction.

The 255 address is entered into the phone to trigger multicast, not assigned to a device.
When an android phone can’t find the server it will time out. On the screen that shows it will have help at the bottom of the screen. Click on that and a field will show that you can enter the 255 address into.

It continues to be unclear to me that servers and networks are my business! Can you write schematically and understandably?
It is not clear where the address should be set: mask?)
In to the ROCK or in to the SMARTPHONE ???

Setting in ROCK stopped working and I had to restore the previous address.

In the Samsung smartphone, WiFi is set by default in DHCP mode.
If I place a static IP I have to give the following values:

IP: (do you want me to try to put this address?)
Subnet mask: (commonly called / 24) if I leave this subnet mask it doesn’t work.
GATEWAY: if I leave the gateway of my network it doesn’t work.


Can anyone answer these simple questions in an understandable way? It is incredible that I am continuing to ask and assistance always gives me unclear answers.

You do not use the 255 address to set the network addresses in any of your equipment.
The ONLY place you use the 255 address is as I have posted above. Try and connect your smartphone, when it times out follow the instructions.

Ok now I understand, the address must be given by pressing help on this screen.
Thank you, it is incredible that in 2 months the assistance of ROON has not been able to put a screenshot in which this thing is clearly explained.

I gave you the exact same advice on December the 20th but you didn’t follow it then.

You don’t writer clearly!

2 screenshots and we would have saved a lot of time. There are also other treads with the same problem. Support could try to do what I just did in 5 seconds!

Or you can’t read simple instructions :slight_smile:

…Sorry, it’s a habit of entering the subnet mask.

The broadcast address to enter is:

When I open the app it doesn’t find the ROCK server instantly, but at least it finds it, in less than 7 seconds.

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